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Many institutes consider JEST score for selection including IISc Bangalore, TIFR, IISER and many more good institutes.You can check the list of participating institutes in official site.

  • JEST(Joint Entrance Screening Test) is conducted in many field and TCS(Theoretical Computer Science) is one of that field.
  • This exam is conducted after 1 or 2 weeks of GATE and forms are out in December.Mode of this examination is offline.
  • Duration of this exam is 180 minutes out of first 75 minutes are given for PART A and remaining for PART B.

JEST TCS exam is divided into 2 parts.

Part A (Objective)

Part B (Subjective)

1) PART A (Objective)

  • Part A consists of 25 questions.Each questions carry +3 marks for correct answer and -1 for incorrect answer.
  • Most of the question asked in Part A are from subject like DS,DAA,C prog,TOC, Discrete (P&C, graph theory specially).
  • Focus on TCS subject because Exam itself is TCS.
  • Difficulty level of questions are same as GATE so no extra preparation required for Part A if you have studied properly for GATE.
  • Just revision of your note is enough and if you are aiming for IISc then try to attempt as much as you can. According to me 20–21 questions are good attempt but incorrect questions should be less.
  • Because As of now JEST cut off for IISc CSA is just 45 rank so you may get good rank but if you secured above 45 rank then you may not get interview call.
  • One more thing you will get a interview call for M.Tech Research (RA) not for M.Tech Coursework(TA) in IISc.
  • Even though you qualified this exam in TCS(Theoretical Computer Science) still you can select any other research pool i.e; either TCS or Intelligent system or System software.
  • No need to worry about it just qualify and secured a good rank.

Even there are very less students who appeared in this exam but still do not take it lightly if you are aiming for IISc because you will have to be in at least top 45 to get a call and who knows cut off may be increased also so try to secure good rank.


  • 32 Marks-- 19 Rank
  • 45 Marks-- 11 Rank


  • 67 Marks-- 1st Rank
  • 56 Marks-- 8th Rank
  • 48 Marks-- 19 Rank
  • 46 Marks-- 28 Rank
  • 45 Marks-- 31 Rank
  • 43 Marks-- 36 Rank
  • 39 Marks-- 51 Rank

Now you can observe that how much Rank varies. So try to attempt as many as possible.

  • One more important thing is that Rank is given only on the performance of Part A means just secure good marks in part A and you will get a good rank irrespective of your performance in part B.
  • Level of questions is also good not too easy not too tough.Just believe in yourself and most of students who could not secure good rank in Gate, gets very good rank in JEST.

2) PART B(Subjective)

Part B itself is divided into 2 parts.

  • Part B(i)— 5 questions of 8 Marks each out of which 3 questions is compulsory to attempt.
  • Part B(ii)— 3 questions of 12 Marks each out of which 2 questions are compulsory to attempt.
  • Part B is the most challenging part.Due to subjective you will have to explain everything. Algorithm , Graph theory and TOC is most important topics for this part specially algorithm.
  • You will be asked to write a algorithm for particular questions and in Graph theory I was asked to prove a theorem and one question was to draw a DFA and one question was from Function (Discrete) where I was asked to prove something.

So overall this part is challenging you should have a very good knowledge in the subject.

  • Even though if you could not solve a single questions from part B; still you may get a decent rank if you scored good in part A because Rank is assigned on the basis of performance only in part A but still try to solve Part B because after 75 min your OMR sheet(PART A answer sheet) will be submitted and for remaining time you will have to solve only subjective so first solve objective part that is PART A because you have 75 min for PART A.

Only few college(IMSc) consider score of part B as well but for IISc,they just consider only performance in Part A i.e; Rank.

I think I explained everything related to JEST TCS exam if you still have any query you can ask.

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PS 1: I secured AIR 36 in JEST TCS 2020. This year cut off for IISc was high due to covid-19.

PS 2: Previous year papers are not available anywhere but you can get few memory based papers on quora.


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From where we can get previous year papers of JEST?
Previous year paper is not available anywhere. But yes you can get few memory based previous year questions on quora.
I'm an ece student preparing for gate 2021 cse . Can I also apply for JEST? but in cse branch?
I think you are allowed but I am not sure. So it is better to mail them.
Is gate preparation enough for JEST?
@mellophi For Part A, Gate preparation is enough but for Part B, you should have a deep knowledge in those subject and Part B is subjective so it requires little bit extra preparation.
can you suggest from where I should prepare for Part B?

@Mellophi actually standard book is good but most of the students while preparing for GATE do not use standard book properly or they do not want to go in depth. So if you want to prepare for part B read cormen very well means do not just learn algorithm, understand and then implement that algorithm. Believe me if you implement, you will understand properly. For TOC follow any standard book and solve question with step by step because Part B is subjective. For Graph theory try to understand graph properly with implementation. So if you do all these thing and practice, you will definitely get good marks in Part B as well.

Is Ullman and Rosen okay for TOC and Graph?

@Mellophi Yeah both books are great and if you want to learn more in graph theory, you can also follow "Graph theory by Narsingh Deo"

only IMSc offers Theoretical Computer Science not iisc.

@saurabh_shashi Bro in your link where it is mentioned that IISc does not offer TCS?? I know someone who is pursuing M.Tech(Research) from IISc in TCS using JEST score.
click on 'participating institutes' on same page and see which course is offered by iisc

@saurabh_sushi No bro, it is offered. I do not why it is not mentioned there and check image here they did not mention about any computer science department but IISc call students for CSA, CDS department using JEST score.

for Regular PhD / MTech (Research) IISc CSA take jest score

  • Candidates with a M.E. / M.Tech applying for the Ph.D. degree will be shortlisted for the interview based solely on their academic record.
  • Candidates with other qualifying degrees applying for MTech (Research) or Ph.D. degree will be shortlisted for the interview based on their performance in the appropriate qualifying examination:
  1. GATE
  3. NBHM Screening Test
  4. JEST (Theoretical Computer Science)
  5. Inspire Fellowship


BE/BTech Students are not allowed to take the exam only Mtech student is allowed then how it can help ?

@Sgr007 No bro, I did not say this. Obviously B.Tech/B.E. students are allowed. Using JEST score, you can apply for master's program in participating institute including M.Tech Research program in IISc.

Note- I was B.Tech CSE student not sure about B.E. but I think B.E students are also allowed.

Thank you for information
When registering for JEST, should I select PhD as "Course being applied for" even if I'm actually aiming for MTech at IISc? The only options are PhD and Integrated PhD.
@pritishc Bro I think I choose the option "intergrated PhD and TCS  field". After JEST exam, when you will fill the form of IISc, then you can choose M.Tech and use JEST scorecard for M.Tech.
Thanks, Navneet and endurance. This has been very helpful.

@pritishc bro check that image also for better understanding.

Image source: FB group

@endurance1 can you send the link of the page you are talking about?
thanks himanshu2021. But I am asking for the page where it is written that we can leave integrated PHD after two years  at IISc and get an MTech degree.