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Just wanted to give some information on the GO Test series. Though about 200 people have registered for the tests, there have been less than 30 taken on average for tests. This shows that most of you are either postponing the tests or ignoring the subject tests.

  1. Actually the questions in subject tests are made to ensure no topic or question type is left out
  2. We have tried to include maximum twists in these questions so that it becomes easy in actual GATE
  3. Dont get demotivated by the marks – even 30% is good enough as long as you are understanding the mistakes and on second attempt you can score 90% or more
  4. Some people are scoring 80% or more in these tests and I hope them to make a top 30 rank in GATE.  
  5. So if you are postponing the takes the distance between you and the toppers are just increasing

From now onwards the tests will be live on every Mondays. There have been very good debates and hoping for healthy discussions to continue. Questions won’t be getting easier at least until the full length mock tests – where we shall try to simulate the actual GATE.

posted Sep 14, 2020 in From GO Admins 6,145 views


@ayush Results of exams taken within a few minutes were not shown - I have adjusted this. Is yours visible now?

@Yogesh88 Fixed now 👍

@gatecse yes the marks are visible now.

till what date, we can access the test series Gate 2021?

@gatecse I was the top user of the previous week 30th Nov - 6th Dec ( CSE Doubts ). How can I access the GO Test Series ?

When will da first full mock test be activated ?
It'll be on Jan 1. Rest will be as per schedule.
Thank u.
Is there any provision to buy access to only the FULL LENGTH MOCK TESTS ?
Since subject tests are more important in GO test series - ensuring coverage of topics and question types - there wont be a separate buying option for full length tests. Actually there are 6 full length mock tests which can be freely taken by anyone.
Sir, currently I am scoring around 50% in the subject tests. And I've given 50% such tests.

Sir, How do I rate myself and where I am standing. I know these tests are not actual mirror images but please let me know my performance.
Sir can you please share link of the free mock tests. Are they tests by Bikram sir?

see here, all exams listed

,as per my knowledge you were the topper of APPlLIED Gate mock test ,and you have won 5000 rupees,so paying 1200 is not a huge deal for you.The people who created the test at Gate Overflow() have worked hard ,so have some decency to pay up for the whole Test Series.

@ yes i agree with you

@Arjun sir when will be GATE CSE 2022 GO TESTSERIES BE OUT?