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Just wanted to give some information on the GO Test series. Though about 200 people have registered for the tests, there have been less than 30 taken on average for tests. This shows that most of you are either postponing the tests or ignoring the subject tests.

  1. Actually the questions in subject tests are made to ensure no topic or question type is left out
  2. We have tried to include maximum twists in these questions so that it becomes easy in actual GATE
  3. Dont get demotivated by the marks – even 30% is good enough as long as you are understanding the mistakes and on second attempt you can score 90% or more
  4. Some people are scoring 80% or more in these tests and I hope them to make a top 30 rank in GATE.  
  5. So if you are postponing the takes the distance between you and the toppers are just increasing

From now onwards the tests will be live on every Mondays. There have been very good debates and hoping for healthy discussions to continue. Questions won’t be getting easier at least until the full length mock tests – where we shall try to simulate the actual GATE.

posted Sep 14 in From GO Admins 3,985 views


oh got it !!! yes his test series is worst.
Yes, it must be censored or else someone will claim this site is his ;)

Thanks for the feedback. We have done reasonable promotion though we do have our limitations. But our entire focus is now on test questions.

My recommendation is to give tests early. Though if you give it late there won't be any mistakes as they'll be rectified when someone notified itself and also any doubts will already be cleared in the comments.
You have access now.
Sir, I am currently completing a topic first and doing the PYQ of that topic, and when the whole subject is completed then I give GO test. Should I then do PYQs of the entire subject together after giving GO test?
i have also done payment . i am not sure whether my tests have been activated . please sir  check asap.
how do i upload my id proof i am trying  to apply for test series please help
How is the test series of GO compared to ME in terms of MSQ's, level of questions (whether it is similar to GATE or not), new questions and competition?
Few months are left and I don't want to waste time on things which will not help me in GATE.
yes thank you @gatecse
go is better with lesser errors
There's no need to upload anything for getting access. All those who have subscribed should have access now.

@Kindaichi The subject tests in GO should be different from actual GATE as they try to cover all topics and question types and even twists and turns though question standard should be similar to actual GATE. So the mark you're scoring in subject wise tests won't be directly relating to your GATE marks. 40% and above on first attempt is good enough to aim 65-70% in actual GATE. 

@divyagupta25 both ways are fine. But I feel doing subject wise test first and then actual GATE questions will give you a feel as to how well you have mastered the subject. 

how do i subscribe can anyone please help

i am getting a pop up please upload a genuine id proof
Where is that pop up coming? On which page?
no doubt GO- 2021 is best test series but if you provide video solutions it would be more beneficial i hope my comment will be taken in to consideration.Thanks gatecse for providing such a amazing questions.
sir it is fine payment accepted
discussion toh hota h hai bhai. that is sufficient.
To be frank I havent seen toppers following video solutions. But this will be useful for marketing when we have time  😊
ok sir got it Thanks.
How many total tests will be there in GO test series @gatecse
can final year 7th sem students apply for isro icrb exam.
Why don't you read the notification?
Are the scores kept secret or can anyone see them? Like the scores of free tests on GO can be seen by everyone.