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Nielit releases answer key of scientist B and Technical assistant post

posted Nov 25, 2020 in Exam Application 4,373 views


As per wikipedia, between means , in the space in the middle of 2 things, people, places etc

Thus no other option possible than given above

@ayush.5  Yes bro getting approximately 0.7 ns but they haven't specified order or cache accesses (on followed by off or viceversa), in general cache questions, they specify caches with numbers like L1,L2 so we access L1 followed by L2 in that case but here no clarity regarding order of access.

I think we can challenge it.

"___tells a firewall about how to reassemble...." In this question, cant we reassemble data stream using identification number ? Because each divided packet will have the same identification number, So we will know they belong to same packet. Shouldn't B option be also correct?
Actually option B should be strongest here I don't know why they have mentioned source routing option.
Has anyone challenged ICMP TTL exceeded question in STA?
in SCB paper

Which of the following techniques deals with sorting data stored in computer memory

answer should be external sort

typical time requirement on queues question

answer should be O(n)

contest these two questions also
what should i select in challenge type in black box testing focus on
Blackbox testing mainly focuses on Boundary conditions as per options ( done by Boundary Value Analysis). So Boundary conditions should be correct answer.


there is two aptitude question.


Q 1)  SRD stands for
 A. Software Requirements Definition
 B. Structured Requirements Definition
 C. Software Requirements Diagram
 D. Structured Requirements Diagram

Q 2) Black Box Software Testing method focus on the:
 A. Boundary condition of the software  
 B. Control structure of the software
 C. Testing of User Interface only
 D. Cyclomatic Complexity

Q 3) A minimal super key (i.e, one of the super keys for which no proper subset is a super key) is called :
 A. Super Key
 B. Candidate Key
 C. Primary Key
 D. Both Candidate and Primary Key

Q 4) In the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, the model defines the
 A. Data-access layer
 B. Presentation layer
 C. Business-logic layer
 D. Interface layer

Q.5) How many AND,OR AND XOR gates in full adder

ANS->AND=2,OR=1,XOR=2 (2,1,2) this is correct order but not present in any option.

Q.6)Number of passes in bubble sort.

Q.7)One question related to cache
Will modified answer key affect the candidates those who don't give any objections?? Or their marks would remain the same??
@Basant, What is the issue with Full Adder question. The given asnwer in the key is correct

Sum= A (EXOR) B (EXOR) C

Carry= AB+BC+AC

Thus, 3 AND gates, 2 OR gates, 2 EXOR gates
for number of gates in full adder,

2 XOR gates for Sum

3 AND gates and 2 OR gates for carry if you write carry as AB+AC+BC and assume FAN-In of all gates as 2.

So acc to this 3,2,2 option was matching.
i know this. Did you read what i have written. Carry can be written in two ways: 1)C(AxorB)+AB   2)AB+BC+AC

Why you are forcing that you will write it in 1st way only. I said if you write it the second way then 3,2,2 was matching. I dont know about what other answers are also possible but If you are saying 3,2,2 is incorrect option  then you are wrong.
@arjun sir, Please help us NIELIT  given totally wrong revised answer key. what should we do now.
Not just 1 or 2 , many answers are wrong. They didnt even changed that binary operation $ answer !!!! Not even the height of binary tree question!! how can anyone be so so much ignorant.

What have they done to us.
Seniors! please support. What should we do?
In STA, for some correct questions like cyclomatic complexity, they updated wrong answers.
I have not read cyclomatic complexity so cant say abou it but They did that in other questions also. They changed bubble sort a)faster b)less space c)detects d)all of the above. They said (d)is *crying in the corner*
The cyclomatic complexity question is a gate question, and its answer is 5 but they changed to 4, and also they didn't change key for 5 persons apti problem, blackbox testing quesn, bubble sort quesn which needs two passes in STA paper
koi humari help karega ki nahi pata....sab institute vale ab chup hai jabki unhone nielite ka course  and test series bhi provide kiya paise lekar
It's very disheartening to see bubble sort, binary operator, BST height answers are not changed but cyclomatic complexety's answer is changed.
So many comments here, still no one has Set A NIELIT paper? If so can you mail it to [email protected] If someone had done it earlier, all questions would have been on site by now.
why onle A set.  I can send Set D paper if you want
To make it consistent with all years we try to add set A always. But if no one has set A, we do have set B.

@Hradesh Patel added few questions on csedoubts from set 'A' for STA,

Guys anyone having setA please mail it to [email protected] I have set C but i will try to get set A and mail it by today.
There are still 3-4 wrong key/ambiguous questions in STA paper.

like: a. black box

       b. Gates required for full adder (3,2,2 is right but they dropped the question)

       c. Seating Arrangement(who is middle Person,  answer should be statement 2 and  3 only

and some more qstns.

@, if possible can you share the 2020 nielit paper....

SCB & STA new answer keys are available And some questions are dropped.
Is anyone able to see their score after login? NIELIT has put the notice of availability of score card, but I'm not seeing any score card.
Status of STA result  is qualified  what does it mean . will they release any  merit list for selection ?

Qualified doesnt mean you are selected. A merit list will come for that.
Expected cutoff for sta and scb? Unreserved category
Is anyone here got mail from nielit regarding document upload after scorecard release??
No, i didnt. Maybe you are selected that is why they are asking.

what was the mail about? are they asking for all documents( indicating you maybe selected) or some specific document only(this indicates maybe there is some error in this documents which you provided earlier)?
did  you receive the mail ?
@anuragcse15, nice question!! I didnt think of this. Maybe he didnt get himself and is just asking if people are supposed to receive any mail by now.
I didn't get the mail but someone got it seems which probably they would have uploaded it wrongly or in unreadable format..