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Background: B.Tech in CSE from WBUT (2017) CGPA – 9.1

Work Experience: Subex, Bangalore, and Cognizant, Kolkata.

GATE Score: 608,  Year: 2020, AIR: 1746

Interview date: 15th Dec 2020 online on Webex.

Shortlisting criteria: Visit  for more details.

Admission to the 3-year M.Tech. Programme will be based on an entrance exam and/or interviews for shortlisted candidates. The department may use various application parameters including (but not limited to) GATE score for shortlisting candidates. Interviews test the candidates on standard topics in a Computer Science syllabus (data structures, programming, theory of computation, algorithms, networking, OS, DBMS, etc). Prior research exposure and/or industry experience are also considered while selecting candidates in these categories.


I received mail for the interview on 11th Dec 2020. There were exactly 18 candidates who got shortlisted.

In the mail, they didn’t mention which topics to prepare.

I had my interviews at 3.30 pm and it lasted for around 15 minutes.

There were three profs in the panel.

Intv1: Introduction.

Intv1: Experience and responsibilities at work. 

Intv1: Reason & motivation for M. Tech. 

Intv1: They told they have project in “Quantum communications” and “5G Testbed” only and there is no ML related projects to work on and asked whether I’m okay with it.

Intv1: Asked the subjects of preference. Also asked if I prepared CN.

But I told that I’ll be comfortable with DS, ALGO, and DBMS.

Intv1: How to represent Graph DS? Time and Space complexity to store.

Intv1: How to check if an edge is connected in a Graph? Compare time complexity of adjacency matrix and list approach. Can I improve on the time and space complexity in case of very large graphs.

Intv1: Time complexity to find the rank of matrix of a large graph.

Invt2: Meaning of rank of a matrix and rank-nullity theorem.

Intv3: Bayes theorem.

Intv3: Graph search and traversals.

Total Selected: 3 out of 18 under two different projects.

Result: Selected under the project “Quantum Communications”

Here is the long struggle fruit :


I owe this success to GateOverflow and all its members.

Thank you Arjun Sir for creating this platform and allowing students like me to achieve their dreams and get the highest quality of CS knowledge even if one is not from a good college absolutely at no cost. I was fortunate to meet him at IISc, 2017.

The amount of knowledge I learned from answers and comments from members of GO is amazing. I want to thank all of the peers, seniors, and mentors of GO for their selfless contribution to the platform.

“GateOverflow is the key to open GATE and other opportunities” 

P.S: I declined the CSE offer because AI dept project was more interesting.

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Congratulations 👍
Thank you Bikram Sir and Lakshman. 😊

Congratulations & all the best Tuhin Dutta  

was there an entrance test too before the interview
Thank you Hira Thakur.


@Asutosh777, No first they shortlisted based on GATE score, CGPA, and some other factors. Then there was an interview. Generally, they conduct two interviews but this time only one round was there.
@tuhin thanks for the info

my rank was also 1645 and score 616 this year.

how are the placement opportunities in RA also what are the other colleges we can apply for at this rank??
All the best congratulations. :)

There's no difference in placements between RA and TA. RA people get much more time as compared to TA for placement preparation and sometimes RA's are preferred in the case of Research roles. RA's have hands-on experience of working on research projects so they get more exposure.

In my opinion, MTech RA is a superior program to MTech TA.

You can apply to the IIT Madras IDRP MS program and all other MS/MTech RA programs of new generation IITs.