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About Myself :

BTech in CSE from Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (2016-2020)

BTech CGPA : 8.03

GATE year: 2020(first attempt)  Score: 539 Marks: 44.6

Before Interview:

I had to submit SOP and I have to mention 3 area of interest with top priority first.

Interview experience

There were atleast 7 professor in the panel and interview went for 30-35 mins.
First Phase:

I : Tell me about yourself, your area of interest

Me: I told about my college and branch my CGPA, area of interests and other things.

Second Phase (question related to my area of interest):

First question : Do you know about Bernoulli distribution, tell me it’s mean

second question: Draw cdf for Bernoulli distribution for a probability p=0.6

Third question: Do you know about Binomial distribution, tell me it’s mean and derive it using bernoulli 

Me: I was confused here and he gave me a hint about Linearity of expectation, and then I derived it somehow but I was confused a little bit.

I : He asked one term related to normal distribution and then same term for binomial distribution

Me: I don’t know sir

Other professor asked one question in OS related to virtual memory

I2: Given logical address is 4MB and page table size is 4KB what is PTE size
Me: I was not sure whether this question is correct or not because we need physical address space. While solving question he asked me questions related to what I am doing on paper like what we will get if we divide logical address space by page table size.

(If anyone can help me the above question please comment )

I3: What have you done in Machine Learning, tell me about your experience like what projects you have done
Me: I told them that I have done a ML course by Andrew Ng and I have tried some kaggle competition by learning from various blogs etc.
I also told him that I read a paper by Pro. Kalidas Yatru on Image Processing 
Suddenly, Prof. Yatru appeared on the screen and said me Hi and started asking me that did you work on that paper etc.
I told him that I tried to read that paper and found it very interesting. 

I4: What are random variables( define them) then give me an example
I4: what is sample space and then what is sample space of tossing two coins
I4: okay if I toss a coin infinitely what can you tell me about it’s sample space

Me: Sir it will be countable and then he discussed something related to this

I5:What is centroid and I am given N point how will you find centroid of these points
Me: I gave wrong answer and then he started asking some more confusing question then I said I don’t have any idea

PS – Questions about my final year B.Tech project were also asked.

Third Phase (some question from administrative perspective)

I was asked:
what I am doing in the last 3-4 months?

Are you placed?

Did you solved programming questions on websites like hackerrank?


Only two people have been selected in MS

I was selected for MS Reinforcement learning

I have also given interview for IIT Mandi for MS but result is still pending.

PS : I am not selected in IIT Mandi, but I will share it’s interview experience later.

I want to thank you Anuj Sir ( My senior who is currently in MS in IIT Kanpur). He only persuaded me to study GATE and do something better than my peers)

I want say big thanks to Arjun sir and Bikram sir
Your blogs and comments helped me alot and kept my high all the time. I got to know what does it mean to do research. How to study for GATE and how actually solve a questions and why there is no necessity for coachings. I haven’t done any coaching and GateOverflow was enough for the preparation

Thanks for everything sir. 

I read resume of Pragy sir and debasish deka and other professors of IITs  and it truly helped me understand my goals for future


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Congratulations vikas bhai👍...

thanks rahul
Congratulations 👍 This is only a start.
Given ,  LAS = 4mb

4mb = (2^2)*(2^20)= 2^22 b
and PTS = 4kb

4kb = (2^2)*(2^10) = 2^12 b

so , page offset = 12

and pages = 2^10

then(page table entry) PTE = 10 (answer)
Thank you very much sir
Yes sir I am ready for all the challenges. I will work very hard. GATE and GateOverflow has taught me a lot of things.
Thanks lakshman sir 😊

Yes I did the same thing. But professor didn't told me whether I am right or not. And he just said alright.
Isn't PTE=4B. (Assuming page table fits into one page)
@monster_7,  If there are 2$^{10}$ pages then number of entries in page table will be 2$^{10}$. You cant say anything about content of a PTE. For that you need size of physical address.

Page size is not given . number of pages is not given. I think data is insufficient to answer the question
Congrats Buddy

Thanks @vipin.gautam1906

Congratulations sir !
@monster we also need the frame size in order to determine PTE so we cannot do that right?