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Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) - GS-2021 application portal is live now.

Application starts: 4 January 2021

Last date : 31 January 2021

Exam date : 7 March 2021



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I have heard "Ph.D. from India should be avoided" , True or false?

First principle in doing PhD: 

avoid listening to random people

PhD at IISc, TIFR etc are comparable to anywhere else in the world - many of the IIT/IISc faculties themselves have done their PhD from IITs and then gone for their Postdoc abroad. But if you think PhD at IISc/IITs is easier to get than a top rank in GATE, it is wrong though there are exceptions. 

 sir, did you pursued PhD from IISc or only Masters? 

Only Masters. If you do Masters from 'X' college you can do PhD from same place if you have already started on some research work. In my case that was not the case. But later (after joining) I found that doing PhD from Europe has another benefit - we get salary which is quite good to lead a decent life even while doing PhD.
That does adds a plus point for getting a PhD from abroad being from IISc as professors plays an imp. role for that, right sir?
Definitely. My PhD application was not great (it was not a serious application) and I heard that I was given offer due to the IISc faculty name on my resume.
Got it, Thank you sir. :)
Thank you Arjun Sir

Greetings   Sir .. Can you elaborate more on the what should be treated as a serious application. I m doing masters Ai at IITJ and trying for application at Europe moslty. I m already freaking out as 1st semester gone already and phd currently is my option for now without backup :(. if it helps I have some papers but nothing large on the grand scale

When I told my application wasnt proper, you are asking me about proper application :)

You can simply google for this for the typical guidelines and requirements. But like resume this also depends on the person seeing it. Some might like simple ones, some might like a detailed one etc. There are no hard rules.
sir, who is currently studying in the 4th year is eligible or not?

@arjun sir can final year students pursuing btech in computer science apply for integrated phd in tifr?

Isnt the eligibility condition on their website?

@arjun yes it's given. In integrated phd they have mentioned that students having bsc degree can apply. My confusion is can students having btech degree also apply for integrated phd. No info is given about it. 

Just wanna confirm before registering.

BTech people can go for Direct Phd - why integrated?

Just to add - TIFR is as good as or even better than IISc for theoretical CS - in GATE syllabus this will be Combinatorics, TOC, Graph theory, Algorithm complexity etc. So, though writing TIFR exam is highly recommended unless one is interested in one or more of the above subjects TIFR is not the place for you.  Typically around 10,000 people give this exam and single digit number gets final selection even though "no of seats" is not a limit and there is "no reservation" either.
@Arjun sir can a third year student give the TIFR exam?

@ U can read the eligibility criteria which is clearly mention on site.

Candidates in the final year of qualifying degree can also apply.

In case of B.Tech. 3rd yr students can't apply, only final(4th) yr students can apply.