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I'm Abhishek, one of the selected candidates for the BARC OCES/DGFS 2020 Computer Science interview. I was selected through the online written test in which I scored 183.57/300. Total of 87 candidates selected for BARC CS interview. My interview was on 23rd Dec. 2020 at BARC, Mumbai.

Directly, coming to the interview, the panel consists of 6 people and there were 2 different parallel panels that were taking the interview. I entered the cabin and they asked me to sit on the chair.

Then one of the interviewers asked me my name, I answered then he asked: Is this your first time in Bombay, I answered. Then he asked me about my final year B.Tech project, I answered. Then they asked me to tell them some of my favorite subjects. I told Algorithms, Data structures, Operating System, and Compiler Design. One of the interviews asked about my Gate rank and score.

So, these are the other interview questions:

  1. Explain hashing in detail(what is hashing, types of hashing, complete code in C/C++ to insert an element, they asked about time complexity to find an element in open chaining, etc.).
  2. How Binary search works and how it is different from hashing. What is the time complexity of binary search? I told. Why is it logn?
  3. What happens if we divide the array in 3/4th and then use binary search, are comparisons increase, decrease, or remains the same and why?
  4. Given a directed graph, how to detect a cycle in the graph? What is the time complexity of your algorithm by using an adjacency matrix/list?
  5. What is an integer pointer? How it is different from an array of pointers?
  6. Scanning two indices of an array using pointers.
  7. 2-D matrix representation using pointers and accessing elements.
  8. Check whether two strings are the same, less than, or greater than using pointers.
  9. Passing a function name as a parameter to other functions using the concept of pointers.
  10. Explain Wi-Fi architecture, how wi-fi works?
  11. Explain Bluetooth architecture, how it works?
  12. Explain the TCP/IP model, briefly explain any protocol of your choice, how it works?
  13. Explain TCP handshake mechanism(Connection establishment, Data Transfer, Connection Termination phase in detail).
  14. What is Redo/Undo in DBMS?
  15. what is the concept of log files?
  16. What are cursors?
  17. Write an SQL query to find duplicates names from a table given that the Table does not have any primary key.
  18. What is linking and how it is done?
  19. What is the difference between Machine Learning and Deep learning?
  20. What is the difference between regression and Interpolation?

Overall, it was a nice experience and they helped when I got stuck. My interview went for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

That’s it!

Thanks for reading. Hope it helps!

PS: I’m not selected in the final list of candidates. Total of 7 candidates selected for the OCES position. (

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Congratulations, at least you made it to the interview.

Thanks for sharing
Thanks, dude for sharing your experience !! It helps a lot to many aspirants
OFFTOPIC:- @Arjun sir why are the questions of TIFR disappeared from website? I'm unable to find the solutions from hyperlinks of pdf. @Bikram sir
Which question disappeared? Can you share a link?

 sir each and every questions I'm trying to go for(from PDF) is taking me here. Specifically questions of TIFR.

I guess you might have turn on "Only GATE questions" filter in your profile
Ohh, yeah now turned off. Got it sir, Thank you :)