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IIT Bombay has released Response key for gate 2021, you can check that on GOAPS. I hope gate overflow will provide the correct solution and rank predictor with normalization very soon. Let’s discuss here if you find any anomalies around the gate cse exam 2021.

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Please add a new blog with any disputed given answers. Since, I was mostly working with the Pragy's app - havent checked the keys carefully. Will finalize keys by tomorrow (still should be better than ME even now I guess).
@zxy123 your normalized marks will be higher , as still this is not the exact data.
Yes, someone start a New Blog.
Hello all,

How are we sure about the marks per question here? Is it just based on assumption according to difficulty/ memory based?

As, I think the only source of truth for the same now would be the official Question Paper as nothing was given in the response sheet.
Normalization is not uniform for everyone even in a set. For some mark ranges, marks can increase for both the sets. You can see the normalization formula for how it works. Of course only by Sunday these normalized marks will be final - almost final.
@Arjun Sir, should I start a Blog for Disputed Answers?
i am getting 65 marks in set 1. what rank to expect anyone?
after normalization my marks are getting decreased in Set-1. there is big difference in marks
from which ans key are you seeing your marks??
@Arjun Sir Kindly check MSQs and some MCQ of set 2. Some of them are incorrect.
@Arjun Sir

Marks are not getting displayed for set 1. Could you please check.
It has started working properly now

micro organism problem is it ri8 or wrong ..please confirm
Score calculater here is not giving result in MSQs and Aptitude Section
In GO key it is correct

Either I or II is right.
Gate 2021 Answer key released