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posted Feb 15, 2017 in Announcements by Veteran (348,791 points)
edited Mar 26, 2017 by | 21,559 views


@Arjun Sir, I messed up my exam real bad, I lost 15 marks because I was giving exam in hallucinated mode ( don't know what was going through my head) and now I find my self in soup, getting 65.33 in set 2 and expecting a rank around 350-360.

I want to make amends and prepare hard for IITK, IISc written tests. But I found that the questions in IITK tests are above the GATE level (as far as I am concerned) , especially the programming part and some questions on UNIX and Linux (studied OS from Galvin). It would be really helpful if you could give me some hints on how to prepare in the coming months for these tests.

Thank you in advance!
@Hakuna IITK interview if for M.Tech. All I know is that you must get your hands dirty by doing basic coding.
@Arjun Sir, I'm getting 47.67 set-1; rank: 900-1050; (I did a lot of mistakes and losses 10-12 marks). If I get a good college I'll go for it otherwise, I will try next year.

Which college should I go for better placement: IIT-H, IIT Kharagpur-IT, NITW, NIT Trichy?  (with Category-OBC)

Any suggestion??
@ArjunSir my normalized marks is 69.37 estimated rank range 86-119 which colleges give me direct there any chance of fall in rank more then 119.
Gate  2017 Result is out!!!!
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