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Pragys app now live for $\text{GATE CSE 2021},$ for set$1$ and set$2$.

Everyone can check the marks and ranks here:

Your Score and where your stand with others:

This time two sessions held, so normalization can play a crucial role.

Explanation of the Contents of Pragys App Video Link:


posted Feb 19 in From GO Admins
edited Feb 24 by


If there is so much debate around the answer for GA9 I think it's worth giving marks for both C and D.
Initially I thought Vitthal's answer was not showing due to some reason, but according to his profile page, there is a recent $-6$ reduction in points. It looks like he removed his answer.
@pritishc are you in contact with vitthal?

if yes then please ask him the reason why he removed his ans
@Siduce yes, the debate is justified cause various references given my people proves that it can have different interpretations and @arjun sir and admins also confirmed that, so marks should be given to both C and D in that case.

But lets see what IIT prof think now
I don't know him outside of GO. Maybe he wanted to make sure no one else uses his reasoning to challenge the question? I have no clue..
@sherrinford03 Bro I know someone who challenged .

But I have marked D πŸ˜…
Did anyone challenge Syntax/Semantic question from set 2?

Can we consider this link working for 2021 gate results using expected score?

Is it just me or Set 1 mark normalization is a constant value for all mark ranges? around -1.74
-1.71 for some numbers i tried around 65.
I don't know if students are challenging or not, but unacademy seems to be challenging questions. It seems they are challenging a lot many questions than the ones with ambiguity.
@swaroop did any of there teachers confirmed that?
@swaroop from which set?
Unacademy have no idea how to solve problems . I dont think there are any errors other than those mentioned here in GO .
which questions unacademy is challenging
Yes, a teacher (unnamed intentionally) confirmed it. I think it was confirmed in a live session yesterday. It seems they have challenged more questions than the ones listed in Gate Overflow, he didn't specify the exact count.

However, we should keep challenging too. It might be the case that the argument they put forward isn't correct/convincing.

@swaroop-nath Can you share the link of that session

Link - 

bro any time stamp where they speak about challenging?
I don't remember the exact time-stamp, sorry. I think it was right after some subnet-mask question.


@ 39 min 39 sec..


@swaroop-nath I confirmed that from set 2 they are also challenging only two questions Q3(compiler design) and Q44(digital).

if anyone could please help me with my concerns πŸ™

1. are the current GO ranks sufficiently accurate (as of 5th march 2021)

2. my chances of getting direct admit into iit-b or iisc-b with my marks in set 1

3. whether iits are opening their respective campuses for mtech freshers this year (couldn't find any article related to this)

Can anyone tell me how accurate is GO rank predictor because my expected gate score is varying a lot with other institute predictors.

GO is very accurate  In 2017 when there was two sets even then GO predictions were very accurate .

I suggest you to not trust others predictors .

you can see predicted vs actual ranks in 2017 ---

According to GO Predictor my Score is 839 , right now.

Rank Estimate: 99 - 120

Is the hope for me in getting IIT-Kharagpur Direct Admission?
iit kharagpur does not take interview. only direct admissions. below 180 you will get direct kharagpur guhati roorkee. delhi kanpur will take interview.
but in  2018  there were 33K submission.

can we say that the top  500 rank are almost accurate.

Opinion: It seems we need to create a separate blog post for toppers who rant about their predicament and dilemmas they've, it's hard for them.

It's hard to type a couple of random words pertaining to previous years' cutoffs in Google that to string to an intricate and coherent question asking the same and waiting for some random dude inept like me(maybe it's only me) to answer their worries.

For better or worse here is a link: (I hope made easy is good at this at least). You know you...

@Sahil91, 2017 really had 33k submissions on the predictor ? :O Last year was around 11k, so I am quite surprised by that.

@   arjun sir himself told  in one of the quora answer. it was about GO's rank predictor.

it was for 2018 (My mistake).

Can we say that gate score will be stable now as most of the serious aspirants would have checked their marks and they would be among these 8k.
Please all of you have patience. Just 18 days  more. You will get your reward for your hard work. Till then enjoy life.  Go score might miss or be totally accurate but you'll not get admission by go score you ll need Gate score so don't get obsessed with Go score.

If you're doubtful about getting into IIT please visit their website where it is clearly mentioned the  lowest score  of last year admission. And for direct admission most of them  will consider above 900 score.
Yes bodhisattwa , even iit madras if the rank doesn't go beyond 140, if the rank remains under 105 , then might be iit bombay is also possible,but that seems a bit difficult