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Pragys app now live for $\text{GATE CSE 2021},$ for set$1$ and set$2$.

Everyone can check the marks and ranks here:

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This time two sessions held, so normalization can play a crucial role.

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I just Saw someone getting 90+ marks in Set1 , this has pushed the Average of set1 up.

I won't be surprised if some more such Hidden toppers use the Rank Predictors after Final Key is Released.
@Amcodes that error is with respect to java. In c, the error generated in unknown type name "Integer". Semantic phase does type checking and type coercion only if that type is a part of the programming language.

If the type is not recognized in the first place, i think its an error generated by syntax x phase as it evaluates "Integer x" as "expression expression" which is invalid.
The revised answer keys might have pushed someone from 85-90 to 90-95 range
@123sid does the rank predictor automatically recalculates everyone's marks according to the updated key or it only updates if someone checks with their response sheet again?

Also ME seems to be not interested in it's rank predictor, it's still the same 😂

I think it updates once the person checks with his response key again. There is a discussion on fb about this

@nikhil answer will be challenged with proper justification , question is just Bypassing logic ,in gate aptitude is nothing but engineering aptitude so I think it would definitely change . And hamming code question we have to ,I left this question only because of error it was not tough but ambiguity in representation leave me unsolved . And -.67 was also reason not to attempt it . Most of them was like me I guess not attempting that question because of error
That's Amazing Man, Congrats on being the Topper.
guys, if anyone is challenging set 1 GA question please inform here, -2.67 marks is making a huge difference in the ranks,we should at least give a try with some proper reasoning.
@ashutosh it is difficult to revert back the soln proposed by setter,we all can hope for the best .
@sherrinford03 i need a justification that says there is an ambiguity, the link you pasted they are saying D as correct.

@aman i know that but that ECE ques they gave either as ans, i know it was a bit different, it depends on the interpretation

guys like us will argue that C is correct, others who gave D as ans will argue that ans will be D.

what about the hamming code ques:

in this question d4 bit is given two times and because of that i was not able to attempt this question.

Due to misprint in the question marks should be awarded to all.
@aman its not about reverting back, it is giving marks to both C and D option as @arjun sir said

Set 2,semantic/syntax question

Type def confusion:


My reasoning :

The error generated in complier is "Unknown type name Integer".

I think this is being confused with type checking of semantic phase where types are checked to meet the requirement of an expression. But such type checking occurs only when that type is a known type in C.

Here, the syntax analyzer classifies "Integer x" as "expression expression" which becomes invalid and expected value would have been "keyword expression" giving the unknown type error.

In other words, the given statement violates one of the grammar rules of c hence its supposed to be syntax error.

Also in turbo c++, error generated is unknow identifier. 

But in ece statement has atomic interpretation i.e no a is b where as for us it is given a is not b which mean neither a a nor b which was last option . But I thought that neither a nor b or some ---> tautology hence answer would be either or but see what happens
@ashutosh both statement are negation of each other, and in this state it cannot be that both thing will happened only one answer is what for this soln C and D cannot be treated as answer, it cannot be possible I guess only 1 will be the soln may be I would be wrong but this only is my interpretation for this question
No , In case of ambiguity both solutions will be correct .

But again it depends on what they consider . Lets see
By seeing the ece solution it is sure that d cannot be the ans (as in case they are considering each statement for all cases but in ece solution that is not the case they are considering two different scenarios). it must be corrected otherwise it will be very unfair to the students who didn't marked d , -2.67 is a huge marks which create a difference of 200 ranks so this is not acceptable.
@deba1998 what did you mark?
I  mark c that is either or
@debba1998 please challenge this question with a valid argument bro -2.67 is killing me from inside.

@musa yes you are right that is why i am asking again and again did someone challenege.

can you believe my rank was 180-250 before that and now is 325-600
Did any of the guys challenged it or are we waiting for each other....

We can't read mind of question setter there so in my opinion answers should be either or as it is more intuitive and it was question asked in aptitude not in DM
Once a proper reason can be formed as to why the question is ambiguous only then would Gate authorities bother to change the answer. So i guess we'll have to do that first.
challenging starts from 2nd march  probably
@musa exactly!!!

how can we read the mind of the question setter.

@arjun sir please please help us to challnege this ques.

also the hamming code ques
in set 1 bool and int question I think it should be both bool and int, there also I  loose precious 2 marks

@Ashutosh777 and English language is a human language people can interpret same statement in different ways it not like logic which everyone interprets as same...

Question is ambiguous s at worst and "either or " is right answer at best


@deba1998 lets form a group and discuss and then we can challenge it together.

please give your mail id or something.
Make a whatsapp group my no. is 8825063816
@deba1998 ohh GOD,

one apti ques and now that semantic ques also.

i feel for you brother,cause after loosing -2.67 i can feel your pain
Yes bro after releasing of the ans key(keeping the ece solution in mind ) I tried each and every possible cases for that question and conclude that d cannot be the ans in anyway (if we consider both conclusion or single conclusion at a time) how can the officials give d as ans. It is very much depressing
@deba1998 please share your mail or contact, need to plan to challenge this ques
whatsapp - 9748126819

For challenging the answer key we made a group where discussion is going on


I have compiled all the possible interpretations for this question and also all the references that I could gather from Rosen and the internet too. Feel free to add any more resources that you get in our favor.

You do not need to go very deep in filing a challenge. Just 2-3 lines highlighting the issue us enough. I have already given those points in the answer debate blog. And all the users giving same challenge is also not required.
@gatecse which blog please share the link
which answers have difference in official answer key and gateoverflow answer key i just checked my marks on gateoverflow again now that official key has been released and now i am getting 2 marks less than my previous score.
My marks it is showing 30 but when i see correct answers it is 9 2 marks and 13 1 marks so total should be 31 right?

Either Negative marking or normalization can be the reason.. please share the screenshot if possible to confirm whats wrong..
My mistake i thought there is no negetive marking sorry i am retard Thanks for replying :)
1 question , what is the Chance that many 3rd Year Students would have also got into Top 400.

And if it is so, can we Expect Good Colleges at a little Lower Rank (or score), than where they were CLOSED last year?
I think because lot of msq and nat questions were there best possible marks would be 50. Getting 50 will secure you top 400 i suppose. Might be wrong
Amcodes not many third year students would hsve had been in top 300 maybe like 5-10
Plus last year gate rankers might also take admission this year because they might have thought to wait 2020 out due to covid & online sem
=> Last year's paper was a bit easy, so definitely their Scores would be Much Higher. Then how do they call for Interviews? Do they have seperate Merit for previous year students ?
Only gate score matter nothing else ranks are just numbers
Then, previous year students using their SCORE will definitely have an ADVANTAGE over us !
But wont their scores be normalized as well in some way to ensure a level playing field ?
No ,gate score itself is relative ,most of the people will suffer
Obviously , we will get less scores due to 3rd year students. But previous year guys already have a good score. So , 1st time final year students are the biggest losers in this . It is so sad to see that people in power will take decisions without considering their impact on students. Goes to show what a bunch of self absorbed assholes they are. I think we must protest against such tyrants.
Anyone know the procedure of IIIT D??

At 52 marks in set 1 and GO prediction gate score: 643 general category.. cgpa 8.79 Is there any chances? Please help.
If cgpa is on 10 point scale then 87.9*.5+64.3*.5=76.1 you hve high chance
Cgpa is on 9.5 scale: 8.79*9.5=83.505

Gate score lets take 640 : 64

41.75+32= 73.75.


they consider 50% btech results???
Does IIITD have interviews?

For that GA question 9 of Set 1. Here is one more reference that can be used in our support from Discrete Mathematical Structures with Applications to Computer Science by J.P. Tremblay and R. Manohar.

See how the author has very precisely specified that it is INCORRECT to negate the statement "Every city in Canada is clean" as "Every city in Canada is not clean."

nice @Panduranga

we'll surely get marks for this qn now.. I'll be mentioning both these references, rosen and manohar, i have both books available with me in hard copy...

I'm definitely going to challenge this one with best reasoning i could give them..

rest just hope they understands our logic.
Me too and hopefully we'll get this thing sorted.
@vithhal,@nikhil @123sid

thanks a lot guys. we can frame it in a  proper way with all the standard references vithhal has given and hope that it get changed.

coachings who gave ans as C earlier are suddenly changing their solutions and saying now its D, by not taking all the possiblities,they all are playing a safe game.
It is like a battle to us and we are warriors these coaching goons are spectators...we don't stuck our hopes on them. I thank everyone who contibuted to this cause. Love you all
Guys marks to all question of SET 1 will work in favor of SET 2? because this will increase the overall average of SET 1, does anybody knows please guide me, Thanking You!
Yes I want to know the same @gatecse
So, yes indeed it may seem that challenging too many questions might work in our favour as it will increase our marks a bit significantly. But that might not be actually reflected very well in the overall ranking according to me. Because free marks are never good, as it may go on to increase our marks but due to that average of set 1 people will also increase and that may end up affecting our rank quite significantly because of the normalization. Due to normalization, we may start getting affected due to the impact on our ranks.

So think wisely, avoid challenging too many questions. As it may seem good, but actually might not be.
Yes, The questions which are not attempted correctly by many in SET 1 wont help that much in improving rank by making it marks for all as compared to the loss it will cause by increasing the average of SET 1 and thereby reducing the rank due to normalization of SET 1 people, we need to be strategic about this point as even if most of the good aspirants use GO still only 8K people has checked result, the Top 1% of the population which will be considered by IITB for normalization will be huge and its very likely that normalization jump for SET 2 people will be huge than what it currently is, marks for all will gave them extraordinary advantage so whatever decision we make, we need to think about not only just our marks but instead our Rank which will get affected by normalization and marks for all may make things even worse, what do you think guys (SET 1) on  this
Naah most of the 0.1% of the public have answered it correctly so it won't increase avg marks if anything it will help us... This is what I think
@Exynos i agree with your point

We might challenge for hamming code question as if it is given marks to those attempted then it will be advantage but marks to all will be disadvantage.

But for GA Q9 I was getting rank 80 now -2.67 has pushed me to 125

We should very well deserve marks for this as the solution itself is wrong.

I think no other question in S1 should be challenged
@Exynos @vithhal

The problem is people like me, who at first go saw that hamming ques and noticed that d4 is taken twice then in that exam pressure, i thought that what if i attempt it and waste my time and then if gate authorities declare it MTA, that's why i didn't answer that question during the exam.

if a question has some misprint its clearly the gate authorities mistake and that's why it should be challenged.

Guys this is just my personal opinion.

but for that GA question ans should  be changed.(cause from 180 rank i am slipped to 320+) just because of the apti ques.
I understand your concern very well but do understand one thing, Free marks won't be beneficial to set 1 guys. So even if you would expect to increase your rank drastically but the reality might be quite different. So just think wisely.
I think your answer is correct, it will definately be challenged and marks will be provided to all , atleast some of the people in set one itself will be benefited
is there no ambigious question in set 2?
In set little endian and syntax analysis question is ambiguos