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I have given GATE exam in general category. I actually belong to OBC category. So will it be possible now to avail the facilities of my category during application filling/counseling of IITs ?

I am getting around 60 marks on the basis of gateoverflow/mymarks. So which college/PSU can I expect and how to prepare for interviews of PSU and IITs.

Please help me guys. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Thanks to gateoverflow and arjun sir without whose help I think I would not had scored even a single mark.

PS- guys I have written this post just to get some information not to start a debate on what is right or wrong or reservation system should be there or not. Please help me.
posted Feb 15, 2017 in Others anonymous
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if you have given this exam, in general category,

 then it can be a case that may be you have taken this decision by thinking that you do not need reservation benfits than i ahve utmost repect for you but now as seeing that you want those benifits back i don't think you deserve that ! why!! because you have wasted one general seat. you could have given it using quota and nobody had an issue with that. just suppose if you had used that then that would be good as in that case you, talented student would have used that seat which was is given to your caste on basis of constitution and i have no objection on that.

you got this much marks because you are intelligent but you now need your benifits back, this shows cowardness. either you should have used your quota previously or you dare not to use quota now.

this is my personal opinion.
ahahaha MOHIT ..:D
Hi mohit,

Thanks for replying.

I filled form in general category becuase that time I didnt had proper documents and going by some prior experience and speed with which our government works I wasnt sure when I will be able to get those documents. Believe me my intention was not to waste some seats or anything like that, and I am even  not sure whether I can use it now or not, thats why I have written this post.

And yes I have respect for your personal opinion.
I looked at both my 2015 and 2016 score card, and it did not mention if it was OBC/General ... so I guess while applying for IITs you can simply choose OBC. I don't think this would cause any problem.
by seeing your reply, i can somehow deduce that your intentions are not bad. sorry if you felt bad. we general guys hate this reservation system to it's core because it has become a mode of appesement rather than a mode of upliftment which itself is a paradox. for me arjun sir is idle example who have used this system for betterment of society. he made this platform and thus how we can interact, help and share ideas but there are many who just want to loot this system in whichever way they can.

sorry for being senti as you know we have seen it from the very begining of our life where teacher in class come to us and ask us if any of us has reservation. at that time we did not know what actual it was but now some of my friends, just because they have soem special sirname in their name are sitting in top positions in govt. i know this because i have studied with them and i personally know their intelligence level. This is the major reason of having attitude problems b/w diff. section of upper middle class society as in middle class nowadys ppl are do not hate anyone because of caste but hate when they get to know someone used this sytem when he/she could have done that by himself/herself.

Never mind. You ask any general guy or girl and this would be their optinion in generality. i know as you have mentioned that this is not a debate on reservation system, just what was going in my mind, need to extract it out. do not feel offended in any sense. i hope you get my point. and

for your query, i do not think you can use make and use your quota now as i met with one guy during CCMT prev years and he had the same prob. but not sure though. :)
I think most probably you can..