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Hi all, I have had a very nominal performance in GATE 2021, current GATE score is ~740. I can’t afford a year-drop, so I started researching contingencies to MTech degrees at top IITs and IISc. Coincidentally I stumbled up these MS/MTech (Research) degrees. These are much more research-centric programmes offered by most IITs/IISc. I have made the following findings as of yet – 

IISc – MTech by Research in CSA. Details –

IIT Madras – MS. Details –

IIT Hyderabad – 3 years MTech. Details –

I am opening this thread of discussion for like-minded people to put in your inputs, so that we can all benefit from each other. I will also be putting in my inputs as and when I stumble upon new insights.

P.S – IIT M and IIT H seem to allow BTech graduates from all streams, but IISc allows students from Computer Science/Engineering, Electronics/Electrical Communication, Information Science/Technology background only. This is a sad news for me, as I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate.


posted Feb 25 in Interview Experience 1,473 views


Hi, there Thank you for sharing. Might I add I'm a would be CS grad who might score just 680 or so... Seems pretty sad to hear that high scorer would be in this kind of silly predicament.

Anyway. I thought of adding IISC's cutoff for the previous years;

I don't think IISc had an interview for the programme last year, so I refrained from the statistic of last year. Anyhow, I wouldn't be much desolate, if I were in your shoes. You still have a chance for an interview call - IISc typically has a cutoff around 670-680. Plus, you would surely get a call from IIT Madras MS.

Let's hope for the best and see what happens.
I believe pandemic has affected the cutoffs a lot and seems like it will be more or less same this year as well.

For instance IISc increased their cutoff from GS 680 to 780 last year. Similarly IIT Madras from GS 600 to 700, Bombay from ~700 to 780.

Not to discourage anyone, but I would say people were really lucky or I would say fortunate, who got into these colleges in pre pandemic era.
Yes, and with the second wave being very plausible now, things look bleak this year too. However, this year the colleges are much more prepared than the previous year. So, depending on the quality of students they got last year, they might decrease the cutoff or they won't. From their perspective, it's always about finding a good enough candidate who can publish high impact papers - this, in turn, keeps their institute fed with funds from MHRD.

I feel the cutoffs will be somewhere midway of pre-pandemic's and last year's values.
Last year they didn't get the chance to do a written test. This year IISc for eg will conduct an online written test, which means they should be able to handle more candidates. Plus they probably have to cover student deficit from last year (their intake halved last year).

Keep your chin up people. There is probably still a chance for pre-pandemic cutoffs.
What is the CGPA criteria for IIT H Mtech programme?

It looks like even for M.Tech in CSA dept of IISC, we have online written test this year.

Hello, even I am getting around 750 score in the gate predictor .

Could someone please tell me the chances of getting into IISC CDS course. Last year due to pandemic the cutoff dropped to 725  What are the chances this year .

I am correct to assume that I will atleast get the opportunity for an interview for IISC CDS course ??

Thanks in advance
Did you get the GATE score from the gateoverflow rank predictor? How much can it vary from the actual result?
740 score is not nominal.Its pretty good
Is the MS by Research program of IITM for CSE not available under HTRA program?  Only if I Select NHTRA MS program is appearing in the list.