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Our results update is mostly settled now thanks to all the wonderful contributors.

Some people are comparing GO keys to ME and other institute keys. I just want to tell that had they been doing their job properly GO would never have started making the keys. The key here is made mainly by the top aspirants and we are lucky to have some experts in specific areas like @Suraj, @Praveen+Saini.

Also many people have been contributing in adding questions and answering, editing etc. Not to forget Pragy without whom there is no rank predictor :)

In 2015, top rank here (among active participants) was 5, in 2016 it was 4 so would this be 3 in 2017? A good chance is there :) And many more are in top 100. I request the toppers to help others in theri queries- the result-update page should answer many of the admission queries- but 90% people needs spoon feeding or assurance from someone to believe anything. And toppers are like God to them :)

posted Feb 17, 2017 in Others by Veteran (348,797 points) | 915 views

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Kudos to them!
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