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  1. β€“ Must be debated, C;D should be given marks. Probability of success 70%. Ambiguity can be seen in different answers here. Also as per the interpretation of the options used for the answer key if either A or B option was true, then C will also be true. So, it is natural for anyone to interpret C option in a different way. Similar question from GATE EC 2021 having a different answer:
  2. β€“ Typo. Can be debated but ideally no change should happen (will adversely affect those who got this correct) and expected
  3. β€“ Ambiguous. A;D and B;C must be given marks. Probability of success 50%. Explanation here
  4. β€“ Ambiguous as the rule is violating C grammar and hence should be checked in syntax analysis phase. But the issue here is typedef needs to handled before this and this needs the power outside of CFG. The ambiguity here is whether syntax-analysis does this typedef check with limited CSG power or does syntax check gets pushed to semantic phase. Both are possible in practical implementation and so both should be given marks. More details. Probability of success 30%. (compiler people are hard to convince)
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Relational algebra question from set 1?
Is anyone thinking of challenging set 2 question no 44?
For set 2 question- 44

Will it be ok to add that stack overflow link?? Or i just need to extract content from that answer and write in my words??

I did challenge it, my point was 'The question has interpretational ambiguity as it can be interpreted as the memory representation or the integer itself.Hence both A,D and B,C should be accepted as answer'. Don't think it will be accepted though. If you are going to challenge it as well, please provide the stack exchange link too . @gatecse, @arjun sir, do you think the above challenge I made is clear enough to put the point forward or more clarity is needed.

add link also. It was much detailed
I should have added the link in the challenge but I didn't, @ashish, if you are challenging as well, please add the link as well.
SET-1,  In Question: to pick smaller than max element in tree. Here for this question, answer should be Theta(logN). Reason is they have used word PICKING and according to Cambridge dictionary meaning of pick as a verb is " to take some things and leave others" which clearly means deletion in tree.

@Fitzcarraldo doneπŸ‘

@spark20 you challenged this question?