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  1. Take care for your health.

    Eyes redness , back pain, head ache are common problems among youngsters now a days. So Just get rid of these things, and Stay HEALTHY.

  2. Focus on what you want

    Many times while studying, you get distracted easily. Keep yourself focused on the task. SO before doing anything Just ask yourself that Is it going to be beneficial for my GATE preparation.

  3. Self motivation

    Have you watched “Undisputed” ? I like the character “Yuri boyaka”. And here is the Dilogue - “I'm the most complete fighter in the world.” Imagine that Its the war situation and I'm going to win this War.

  4. Schedule your day DAILY

    Its more like Unit testing.. We are remaining with seven and half months. And Each Day counts. Have an attitude- “I'm going to make it. Whatever comes in the Way.” 

  5. Get help from people in your study network, Join study Group.

    One of my friend was preparing for an exam. He was totally underground.. But the result was Average performance. First thing- Don't Isolate yourself. Stay away from Evil and Stick to what is good.

    We have a great community here at gateoverflow. Great minds ready to help for finding solutions to problem. Don't feel shy.

  6. Reward yourself for success.

  7. Don't neglect standard text books and What other material you have.

  8. Practice, Practice, Practice.

    To this I prefer to take a subject and solve questions serially on gateoverflow. 

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Thank U Lord Krishna :)
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