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I do not believe in preaching people. But When I first started using this website then i fall in love with this. Thanks Arjun and Teams for creating such a great platform. In future I would like to contribute as much as will be possible for me. I am a free education believer. I believe that education should be free for everyone. There should not be any barriers. 

In this blog I am going to put the links (subject wise) which i think, that could be useful for a Gate Aspirants. I am just starting. I will keep updating this.

1) C Programming and Concepts in Programming Language

  1. Basic C question Practice (Click Here)
  2. Frequently Asked Question in C (Click Here) --> Recommended if you want to fully understand the C language.

2) Data Structure

  1. Basic Data Structures with Questions and Answer (Click Here) --> Recommended 

3) Design and Analysis of Algorithm

4) Operating System 

  1. Lots of Problem and these problems are really good. (Click Here). 


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good job rudeyes

I am adding few more good links :

Operating system Visualization : 

Algorithm : 

Programming and Data Structure Vidualizations :

Cool videos on Data Structure :



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