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My name is Shaswat and i have completed my Bachelors in Electrical engineering in 2018 from NIT Jamshedpur and was working in a Steel Industry till April last year. After that i decided to quit my job and started my preparation for Gate in Computer Science and secured an All India Rank of 13. 

After my 10 month long preparation I genuinely believe that Gate-CS can be cracked by anyone irrespective of their stream. If you have a tendency to think in a logical way then cracking Gate will be a piece of cake for you.


Although there are a lot of preparation strategies online but still i would like to briefly share my methodology that i used during my preparation (But i still think it would be better if you developed your own strategy).


  •  In the first phase of preparation just focus on completing all the lectures/chapters and prepare a detailed notes for them.
  • Also try to allocate some time to revise old chapters so that you donot forget them completely.
  • In the next phase of preparation your focus should be to revise a chapter and solve questions of that chapter. It will be better if you solved questions from some well known Test series because the questions there will be more relevant from Gate point of View. (DONOT FORGET TO BOOKMARK QUESTIONS THAT YOU FEEL ARE IMPORTANT FOR EXAM BUT DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO SOLVE)
  •  After maybe 1 round of complete revision of all chapters you should solve previous year questions. GATEOVERFLOW is the perfect place to do this (HERE ALSO DONOT FORGET TO BOOKMARK QUESTIONS).
  • 2 months before exam, start giving mocks. Donot stress too much on how many mocks you should give. I personally give only 3 of them but i analysed them properly. During this time just revise your notes, highlight important points so that you can do revision later on in a short period of time. (I found highting notes more effective than make short notes seperately). And also re-solve the questions you have bookmarked from test series, mocks and previous year questions.

If you want to connect with me, you can do that via. fb/instagram. My userid is 28shaswat.

posted Mar 21 in 2021 845 views


Congratulation bro..
Congratulations bro. I also did my undergrad in Electronics and Telecommunication. I got 637 rank this year and if I don't crack interviews, I will try to get a good GATE rank next year. Thank you for your post. Bookmarked it πŸ˜€
Congrats bro , i am also from Electrical and have started preparing for GATE CS 2022 now . thanks a lot for sharing your experience and All the very best for your future .
Congratulations bro!!

1. How much time did it take you complete your first phase of preparation(ie. cover the syllabus)?
2. Did you follow standard books or online lectures/videos?
congrats bro for your success!!!

It took my around 5 months to complete all the lectures and prepare notes.

And I didn't follow any standard books, just the lectures and test series.
First of all congratulations bro for your success.

Which lecture series did you use for your preparation?