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all the gate aspirants..I am also an aspirant. I hope you are going to score good in gate. So you all have seen the answer keys, predicted mark & rank in . Some of you are really happy, some are confused, some are not satisfied & some are hopeless. If your answer is not matching with gateoverflow keys you are in a hope that your mark will increase because you saw in MADE EASY keys or any other website that your answers are right or you score less because your answer is wrong in those keys . So what you are going next is sending messages in huge to Gateoveflow mentors..  "Is the key given by g.overflow for this qsn correct?"  I was also thinking the same for some questions but believe me I found tons of mistakes in other site's answer keys.  

 In GATE OVERFLOW keys, more than 95% are correct.  Though I am not going to score good but at the end of this gate session I found out that ( for 2-3 questions GO answer key is doubtful only ) .

The truth is the truth. Whatever you got in g.overflow you are not going to score more than that. Normalization can varry few marks ( the exact number can not be predicted now )  maximum. Do not be in a false hope. Do not try hard in google to collect points to make your answer right. Bikram Ballav Sir told me that he is tired of these questions.. "Is the key given correct for this question?" & told me to share my thoughts about it in gateoverflow blog.

At last I conclude this...  Gateoverflow ans for all prev year questions are 100% correct.. & the same for 2017..though the official keys are not out. Truth is the truth. Accept it. You are not going to score much more or less than that. It is better to wait till 27th Feb when actual key will publish .

Normalization will add +point to set 1 people & -ve point to set2 people thats for sure. How much that cant be predicted correctly because not all the students have submitted response.
posted Feb 21, 2017 in Others by Boss (11,001 points) | 1,792 views

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Yupp..gateoverflow ans are mostly correct.

Logic is any other ans keys(provided by other institutions) they are made by 2-3 people(max).but here ans is not made by anyone...rather discussed by all gate aspiratnts(many will be in top 100 thia yr).we all discuss here and come to the conclusion about best ans.So undoubtedly this is the site which will give the most authentic ans.

Now the question of rank prediction and normalisation... That will be more clear as more no of students will submit there marks.
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