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Thank you Gate Overflow team.
I prepared for my gate exam without joining any coaching only because of you. This site has helped me a lot.
I did not perform good in gate exam as I am expecting only 40.35 marks.When I analyze I got various reasons for this. Only 10 months before i decided to go for higher studies and started preparation for gate. As I am from an average college so my background was not so good. It took me long to buildup my basic concepts. I found this website just 4-5 months ago. And I was not familiar with this website as I was using this site only for solving some problems of previous years question. I was not aware about various things such as mock Go test etc.
Because of lack of experience of appearing in online test my time management was very bad and i did not complete reading/attempting all the questions even once. And due to this i loose 8-10 marks. There were questions on which I spent up to 20 minutes, my bad. 

Now I am looking forward for gate 2018.
So please guide me in the following situation:

My aim is clear that is of higher studies from a reputed college and for that I will appear in gate 2018 for sure. But the question is "Should I take admission in M. Tech in 2017 or not?"

I asked this question because my financial condition is not good and i wanted to take admission so that i will get stipend, but someone told me "If you leave the M. Tech course in between then you will have to return all the stipend you get during that period otherwise you will be blacklisted by IITs." So please confirm me if this is true?

Also guide me if it is true then what should I do now? whether to take admission and continuing preparation or do preparation at home? Because ultimately I want IITs for my M. Tech. I cannot join any coaching.
Thank you.

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"If you leave the M. Tech course in between then you will have to return all the stipend you get during that period otherwise you will be blacklisted by IITs."

I dont think this is true. Stipend is given for your work- they wont take back. But some NIT fees are quite high.

Also, I have rarely seen anyone getting a good rank while doing M.Tech. first year. One person here did that- but he was really good and just by bad luck he missed a good rank in first attempt. Otherwise I do not know anyone. But many second year M.Tech. people do do good in GATE probably because of less course work.

Your Life is in your Hands, Not others

If you study well you can get good college if not you can not get .. wheather u join coaching, college or job all are irrelevant at this point " you have to understand gate questions and have to produce results it wants ".

Thats all. So think more about how you do it rather than thinking else .
Thank you Arjun sir for your reply.
You said its difficult to get good rank in M. Tech first year. But if I do not have to complete that course why will i focus on that M. Tech. In that period I will do rigorous preparation for my GATE. Because M. Tech degree from an average college is not a benefit. Am I wrong?

I also heard that stipend amount is increased to 12000/month and my college charges around 20000/sem for M. Tech. course. So in my opinion it is not too high.
Thank you Vikram sir.
but I wanted information about returning of stipend because if it is true then surely I will not take admission and I do preparation at home no any other option is there. But if it is not true then I need guidance "what to do."
It is not at all true,it will cause no harm,me too do the same this year :-)
Thanks Abhishek
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