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IIsc has released dates for written test.

I know nearly all the current/previous toppers are on GO, can you guys please share what to read for the test? I’ve read past year interviews but most of them had choice of subject to get asked on, a liberty we might not have in the written test.

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Yeah, that was implicit.

Are you preparing for interviews then?
Not until now.
Well, best of luck with your future!
Thanks.. Best wishes to you too!
Thanks, though I already have an admit!!
That's great!
Hi falgun09,

If you don't mind me asking, which admit did you get?
It's one of the top University in Canada.
Wow! Awesome! Congratulations brother
Thanks bro :)

It has been quite the rollercoaster ride from all rejects last year to being at this stage!!
brother if u dont mind can i ask u how you get admit at Canada Top Uni?

Did u have any publication?

And how much scholarship did u get there
No, I don't have any published paper yet.

Getting the admit is very kuch dependent upon your whole profile, from cgpa to extra curriculars.
ok thanks brother.
Hey, has anyone received interview dates for CSA or AI? Its given as NA in the call letter, but I was under the impression that they'll be sending out the interview dates after you clear a certain cutoff on the tests. Is it not so? Have they removed interviews altogether for these two?

As mentioned in here:

For AI and CSA for M.Tech, selection will be based on 70% Gate Score + 30% Written Test
So, I guess there won't be any interviews for that.

@savvysiddharth - thanks for this! I conflated previous year's experiences and the CDS selection process and arrived at this conclusion unfortunately. This is good to know :)
Have any other institutes other than IITB and IISc contacted candidates yet, for MTech or MS?
did anyone get updates after the programming test? I thought results would be out by now.

@ytheuyr I think the results will be declared on COAP website