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Huge thanks to GO and the community for making a dream come true!

My GATE 2020 marks were 42 and my preparation was also not up to the mark. So I decided to drop out and give my best for Gate 2021 and in the process decided not to take any online Coaching. I Completed GO PDF 3 to 4 times during my preparation which helped in boosting my confidence. Also, a huge thanks to the GO Test Series community. The level of the questions was just perfect to push myself just a little more to get more marks. Slowly but eventually, I saw myself grow from 30 to 75-80% marks. I was hoping to get the same result in the main exam and thankfully i got 71.67 marks(after normalization). Thank you GateOverflow!

-Mayank Sati, AIR 34
posted Mar 28 in 2021 1,163 views


long live the legend πŸ™Œ
Congrats Mayank
Which Test Series did you give?
GO, MadeEasy, Ace
Sir, can u plz tell us more about ur preparation journey like how do u prepare for each subject & some tips regarding revision, will be more helpful for future aspirants.
Congrats 😊 πŸ‘
Congratulations brother πŸ‘

Can two people have same rank? I saw a youtube video where gate applied course is claiming that their student got AIR 34 



Congo πŸŽ‰ bhai
I started my preparation mid September, focusing only on GO PDF. The first time, I focused on solving every question, highlighting each question that I had difficulty in solving. I targeted solving 120 to 150 questions per day. I remembered I used to get exhausted by the end of the day. As time went by, it became my routine and it also helped me maintain my concentration which I lacked earlier. It took me around 30 days to complete Go pdf the first time. Solving the pdf second time, I decided to give subject wise tests, scored 30 to 40% marks but I did not loose hope. Third time I found it easy solving the pdf so I focused mainly on the previously highlighted questions. Around early December, I realized I was confident enough to take full length mock tests. I scored around 60% in the tests and gradually averaging 75%. After the Admit card was available, I changed my timing of giving mocks( my exam was morning batch i.e 9 to 12). I was hoping that I get same result in the main exam, and thankfully my hard work paid off. 😊
Congrats mate i too have score really bad this year(31) hope to get good rank next year.