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IITB-RA (Projects list and General Process)
Cutoff - 750 (GATE score)

There is a 2 step process to select candidates. The main point to note is your GATE rank doesn't matter in the whole process. Rank is only used for shortlisting.

Written test - It consists of GATE level questions and shouldn’t be a problem if you have prepared well for GATE. For CS the question paper was of 30 marks and roughly divided in 3 parts- Systems, Algorithms and Maths/aptitude.
Programming test- A basic programming test for 2 hours, the point to be noted is that marks of programming test are not considered for all RA positions.
Interview - After written test people shortlisted are supposed to give preferences for the projects. In all there were 24 positions last year which may change this year. After giving preferences students are called for interviews by matching the preference list with the marks scored in written test. Mostly you’ll get to appear in at least 2 interviews which are your top preferences.
The interviews in IIT Bombay are pretty chill (based on my experience with other IIT's) in the sense that RAs are supposed to have practical knowledge, your previous experiences and projects help you here. In other IITs the focus is on any one subject of your choice which requires in depth knowledge about the subject, the professors are relentless and unless you are very sure about what you say there is no way to get past them. In IITB the focus is on practical aspects more than theoretical knowledge about an Academic subject, so if you are comfortable with linux, or you have done a project in Java, ML and any other subject which is generally not asked in GATE you are in luck and this would be your best bet to make it.

This is the list of RA positions available last year.

1) Computer Centre sysadmin: Administrating servers and general Web Development 
Prof. Varsha Apte 
Positions available-4

2) PANDA- Related to developing benchmarks for low cost devices.
Prof. Varsha Apte 
Positions available-1

3) CSE sysadmin-Same as cc but only for cse department.
Subhadra Ma’am
Positions available-4

4) ASC-related to software development mostly business software and others applications used in iitb
Positions available-2

5) System security
Prof RK Shyamsundar
Positions available-3

6) Robotics and eyantra- concerned with developing low cost prototype boards for robotics education. 
Prof. Kavi Arya
Positions available-1

7) Machine learning- Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan
Positions available-2

8) C-USE - Centre for urban planning and resource utilisation Prof. Krithi Ramamritham
Positions available-2

9) IITBombayx- conducting, organizing and distributing MOOCs. Prof. D.B Phatak
Positions available-5

For additional information check out the comments at the following Facebook post:

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