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Booking for GATE Overflow Book for GATE CSE 2022 is now open. This is the third edition of this book updated with GATE 2020 and 2021 questions. Details of last edition on Amazon (now out of stock) can be seen at Edition 2.

Edit (June 15): Second set of preorder is now over. For those ordering from now, book shipping date will be around July 15

  1. June 14: Address confirmation email will be sent to those who preordered and they can reply back if there is any change in address
  2. June 29: Book starts shipping for those who preordered – tracking number (which can be tracked on Indiapost website) will be emailed and delivery time will within be 4-8 days depending on the distance from Trivandrum. For those who order after May 25, the book shipping date will be around June 30. 
  3. If for any chance the book gets returned, your booking amount will be fully refunded (chance for this based on previous bookings with Indiapost is <1%)
  4. June 30: Softcopy will be made available at — same as the hardcopy including answers for all questions – all 3 volumes together will be ~2000 pages. Volume 1 PDF is already available.
  5. July xx: Books will be available from Amazon. Expected price is Rs. 2000 (Including Amazon charge of ~30%) 
  • As before the hardcopy will be having all GATE CSE questions since 1987 answered with some of them having multiple answers (best answer selected on GO + Useful answer marked by admins)
  • Only out of syllabus questions from previous year GATE are omitted
  • Descriptive, fill in the blanks and multiple select answer type questions from old GATE papers are included
  • 12*8 = 96 sets of previous year Aptitude questions are included from all the branches, not just CSE

More details and previous version history can be seen at:

For those ordering from now, book shipping date will be around July 15

posted Apr 19 in From GO Admins
edited May 26 by


yes same issue here i didnt got any confirmation mail regarding the posting address

@Arjun sir , I also preordered on 21 April .not getting any information about the book
Even I didn't get any confirmation or order updated mail sir. I also ordered on 22nd April.

@garima26 didn't you get an email on May 26?

Address confirmation email will be send tomorrow to everyone. 

Thank u very much @arjun sir
Sir i cancelled the order and my cancellation was confirmed.But still I didn't got refund,pls look into the matter.
@Aditya You should have money in your account. Your refund was processed on June 1 and this is your ARN: 283751865
When will the next booking start?

sir i didnt get any address confirmation mail can you please check it?

@raghava Your payment was a failure. Otherwise you can forward your payment details to support at @Divyanshi It is open- just the delivery date is as mentioned.
"Thank you all for your address confirmation/change. We'll be confirming you with the updated address over the coming weekend. "

Sir , Did you send this above mail to all or only who changed their address ?
It was a group mail to everyone.