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Without this platform and the people behind it working tirelessly to maintain its quality (including all the good people in the FB group), I would not have been able to succeed. I’m not the typical applicant – I graduated in 2014 and have 5+ years of product startup experience. I had to start preparation from scratch in 2019, and by scratch, I really mean from zero – I graduated with CS BTech from tier 3 and my CS background was nowhere close to the level needed by IITs. Thanks to Bikram Ballav’s “what to read” series, I could even begin to build the necessary background for GATE. I really enjoyed studying computer science and it gave me an enlightened perspective on my past work experience as well (a lot of things clicked!).

I took GATE the second time this year, managed to scrape by with a rank of 658 and gave the MS interviews at Bombay and Madras, and cracked Bombay (Madras results pending as of now). Getting Bombay was especially sweet after I thought I had bombed the interview. My initial goal was IISc CSA research and I did not clear its cutoff, but I don’t feel so bad about it right now.

I will probably add much more detail to my journey in a different post. All I know is that I will cherish this journey for a lifetime.

Thank you, GO.

PS: The resources I used are listed here.

posted Jun 6 in 2021
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Congratulation sir on this achievement. I am also having 5.5 years of experience in IT and preparing for Gate 2022 along with JOB. Please share your journey experience and how to manage time.
Would love to hear your wild story!
Congratulations 👍

Thank you @Arjun sir! I'm really grateful to you for running GO :). Top-quality PYQ discussion and test series as well. I am glad I did not go for any coaching because it forced me to study mostly from standard books and videos.

@ankeshsingh I did not hold a full-time job in the last 2 years while prepping for GATE. I interviewed with some freelancer companies and got selected in one, although my work in 2020 consisted mostly of paid mentoring in python/django/CS on their platform (which supported me financially). So I was free to prepare full-time for GATE.

@Kanwae Kan if you have facebook or any other socials, DM me here with them and I'll add you

congratulation. please write about your journey if you can :)


Can you please share your Gate response sheet? It will be inspiring for me. Please send to [email protected]

@ugly_attempt I got a lot of questions wrong that I should not have. It's not exactly inspiring but here

@sarvesh purohit thank you. there is a lot to write, will do in some time.