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This was my third GATE attempt


I would first like to thank all the writers of GATEOVERFLOW who have written such brilliant answers and offcourse Arjun sir for making this site a huge success/

I joined GATEOVERFLOW in june month last year, it has been one year, and right now, this is the time, you can make your own success story.

I would like to share that, I have been offered seat at IIIT Delhi MTECH CSE, and two interviews are scheduled for me in the upcoming week, one is MTECH CSE IIT JODHPUR and one is IIT BOMBAY MTECH EE Research Assistant.


I have accepted seat at IIIT DELHI and I am feeling so good

Thank you arjun sir for everything. Words are less to thank you.


motivational story

I passed 12th in 2014
Then I took a drop year for jee mains prep.
I wasted my time there.
then I joined a lower IP University College
I was very low and didn't know why I am doing engineering at first.

during coaching from 2014 to 2015 I learnt that physics and chemistry is not my cup of tea
I honestly don't know why I joined computer science and engineering.
but in the fourth semester, something interesting happened.

I started learning graph theory, algorithms design and analysis, theory of computation, databases, discrete maths etc and started to fall in love with computer science.
from failing jee mains two times with marks 25, 64 in years 2014,2015 respectively

I somehow managed to get 1st rank in College for the very first time in my life.
I still get nostalgic about that day.
then I again topped in sixth semester
by this time I was already teaching algorithms on my youtube channel.
I didn't know something big is about to come.
in the seventh semester I got first rank in university among 1900 students

Gave gate exam three times in year 2019,2020,2021 with AIR 5777,10917 AND 1922 respectively.

So moral of the story is

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Congratulations and best of luck for your future.
Last 2 attempts along with job?
Thanks yash and yes, last 2 attempts were with job.
Congratulations on your achievement... 😊

 shashank sir thanks for the guidance; waiting for the complete unfiltered story.

Thank you prajjwal :)
Congratulations ,really you never gave up. It is very hard .πŸ‘
Thanks a lot darshan