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So i graduated from a decent government engineering college in electrical engineering. I always had an inclination towards computer science, and during my bachelors days, used to create websites for fun. I wanted to do m tech in computer science related field, and when i checked the subjects and their syllabus for GATE CSE, i was initially thrilled to be learning such interesting topics, but realized how tough it is going to be for me, someone with basically 0 knowledge about any subject except Data structures and Algorithms.

This is where Gate Overflow came to my rescue. Whenever i couldn’t understand the logic behind any Gate problem, i checked the multiple answers provided by various people, which really helped me develop a general thought process as to how a computer science graduate would tackle this particular problem. By january, i started getting good ranks in online tests, so my confidence grew a lot.

However, on the day of exam, i was in set 2, and i had never seen such a long paper in any of the online tests. I was stunned, and apart from aptitude section, i never really got going. Got 1089 rank in the final results( predictor of gate overflow was really accurate), so wont be getting any of the big IITs and the top 3 NITs most probably. Also, being from Electrical, i dont have much choices in CCMT either. But when i look back at the last year, i learnt more than i did during the entire 4 years of my graduation. Thank you Gate Overflow for teaching me how to tackle logical questions.
posted Jun 16 in 2021 747 views


Where would you join then?
MNNIT Allahabad looks like the only possible destination, couldnt give MS interviews as i had moderate Covid for entire may, still havent recovered completely....
Take care brother, you can always crack it next time
Best of luck for your coming future..