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ISRO result is out!

Congratulations to all who got selected!

I am sure many from our GO group will be in the final list like @ISHAN JAWA, @KISHALAY DAS @SHAILENDRA KUMAR JOSHI  :)
Hope ur guidance will help others for next year recruitment!!

NB: Sorry, If I missed name of any other person.
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See generally what happen is they call in 1:7 or 1:8 basis i mn to get 1 they call 7 or 8 for for 7 they will call 55 i think or max 60.and top 60 will be called and the marks of 60th candidate will be cutoff.

Now if questions are very easybas last yr....then i think u have to targer last yr i was getting near around that and my rank was 68.but if questions is tough then it may be 150.So u b prepare for 150 atlst bcoz really this yr competition is tough.
Thanks to all from gate overflow family..will be sharing my interview experience soon..for the written though last year was being an exception that most of the questions were from gate previous years only although gate previous year questions do come but not dat keep preparing them from year 2000 onwards in addition to that computer graphics. image processing questions and java also came nd u should also prepare them from standard books..for practicing mcq apart from gate follow book mcq in computer science by timothy williams as this book is used in moat examinations..

"computer science by timothy williams as this book is used in moat examinations.."

Quite sad and illegal, but still true.
@ Arjun thats right.
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