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Respected Sir/Ma’am, 
With due respect, this is to bring your kind attention to the issue regarding recruitment in BSNL for 2,510 posts of Junior Telecom Officer (JTO). The company issued the initial advertisement with No. - 12-2/2016-Rectt. in the month of September 2016 stating that the candidates having qualification BE/B.Tech. or equivalent in Telecom/Electronics/Radio/Computer/Electrical/Information Technology/Instrumentation Engg. or M.Sc (Electronics)/M.Sc (Computer Science) are required to appear GATE exam 2017, opting one paper from selected four disciplines of GATE paper codes i.e. CS & IT/ EC/ EE/& IN. It was nowhere mentioned in the advertisement that the final year students who are pursuing the qualifying degree aren’t eligible to apply for the same. Neither was it mentioned that only those candidates who have completed the qualifying degree in or before 2016 are eligible for the above mentioned vacancies.

Later, in the month of March 2017, BSNL announced that it’ll be starting taking the online applications from 6th March, 2017. Again in the six paged advertisement that it released, there was no mention of non-eligibility of final year students. But to our surprise, when we started filling the online application form we came to know that, in the qualification section, there was no option of filling the year of qualifying degree as 2017. It was then that we came to know that we are not eligible for applying for the said vacancies.

This is unfair to us in that the company must have clearly mentioned in its very first advertisement that it won’t allow the final year students during the recruitment. This is not at all a question of some ambiguity or misunderstanding on our part because if the company would have clearly mentioned in its initial notification only about its eligibility criteria then we wouldn’t had our hopes high for the BSNL recruitments for the post of JTO.

With such a bias, the company may be even losing some of the very potential candidates just because they will be completing the qualifying degree in 2017.

Hoping that you would understand our concerns regarding this.

Final year students

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Does this petition thing really works? Because I myself signed it two times. It just needs Name, Mail-id(no verification), pin-code.

One can sign this as many times as he /she wishes to.
Ya .. But i thought .. Its better doing something rather than nothing...
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