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The written exam happened on 12th Jan 2020 and the shortlist for the interview came on 9th May 2020. I was not much confident about the ISRO examination result but I got shortlisted for the interview.

Interview Experience :

Date of interview-  10th – March -2021 

Venue- NRSC Guest House Conference Hall, Balanagar, Hyderabad.

Time- 8:30 AM.

In the big reception hall, everyone was asked to sit and wait for their turn. At appx. 8:30 AM, they verified the documents and covid report. Document verification was done. At 8:45 am they called me inside of another waiting room. I was waiting outside of interview hall.

My interview was started at approx 9:00 am :

As I entered the room there was a big table with big screen, and panel head (PH) was on the screen. then panel head asked me to sit. 

PH : (smiling) Devendhar right….?

Me : Yes sir

PH:  You from Hyderabad (Telangana) ?

Me: Yes sir

PH:  How are you? and is everything fine ?

Me : Im fine sir, thank you.

PH: How is the covid situation in your town?

Me: Now situtation is improving in my town sir and day by day becoming normal.

PH: I hope you and your family is safe ?

Me:  yes sir, thank you.

PH: okay. Tell me about your academic background ?

Me: Introduced myself.

PH: Which programming languages you are comfortable?

Me: C, Java

PH: What is OOPs?

Me: Answered

PH: What is Polymorphism ?

Me: Answered

PH: What is overloading and overriding ?

Me: Answered (but could not defined in proper way)

Then he asked one of the panel members to continue…

P1 :  what are your favourite subjects ?

Me: Data structures, Algorithms, Database and management system, Operating system.

P1: What are the functions of OS?

Me: Answered

P1: What are IPC Mechanisms?

Me: Answered (I mentioned only few)

P1: Any other IPC mechanisms  than what you told ?

Me: Answered

P1: What are various process states ?

P1: What is pre-emption?

P1: What are synchronization mechanisms ?

I answered all of them, then he moved to C

P1: What is Declaration and Definition of a variable? difference between them ?

P1: What is Postfix and Prefix?

P1: What is Structure and Union? Difference ?

I answered all of them, then he moved to Computer Networks

P1: LAN vs WAN ?

P1: What is Ethernet ?

P1: What is CSMA/CD and explain in detail?

P1: What is firewall and Why we use it?

P1: What is Denial of service attack ?

I answered and all of them, then he moved to Software Engineering

P1: What is SDLC and what are the phases ?

Me: I gave definition, bt he asked me explanation of each phase. Then I explained the each phase.

P1: What is whitebox testing and blackbox testing ?

Me: First, I gave definitions bt bt he asked me to explain. I explained.

Then he asked one of the panel members to continue…

P2:  Are you comfortable with compiler ?

Me: yes ma’am (with doubtful face bcz I didnt mentioned in fav subjects)

P2: Why compiler ?

P2: What are the steps in designing the compiler?

P2: What is interpreter and compiler? differences?

Me: Answered all

P2: Is compiler platform dependent ?

Me: I said yes

P2: If I compiled one program in one machine and can I run it on another machine or Do I need to compile again?

Me: Yes ma’am, need to compile again

P2: are you sure ?

Me: Yes ma’am

P2: really ?? 

Me: We can use cross compiler also ma’am.

P2: Ok… I’m done with you.

Then Panel head asked one of the panel members to continue…

P3: you did project in Deep learning right ??

Me: Yes, ma’am

P3: What is neural networks ?

P3: What are different types of neural network connections ?

P3: Different types of learning algorithms?

P3: Which one is used in your project ?

P3: What is the benifit of Reinforcement learning ?

P3: What is Activation function ?

I answered all of them

P3: How you say it converges and when you stop ?

Me: answered (but could not explain in proper way)

Then the Panel head said that we are done with your interview and asked me to leave.

My interview lasted for around 30 – 35 minutes.


Result : Selected


I would like to wish all the best to ISRO and GATE aspirants.

I would like to thank GATEOVERFLOW specially Arjun Suresh sir, Bikram Ballav sir and all others who are working to guide computer science students.

Thank you 



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