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I just wanted to know that when IIT R will release revised answer key after accepting challenges from students?

Will there be any changes in CS GATE 2017 answer key(Set 1 and Set 2)?

After how many days  IISc(GATE 2016 organiser) had uploaded revised answer key for GATE 2016? Was there any change?
posted Mar 13, 2017 in Others by (291 points) | 1,839 views


last yr challange closed on 3 march and updated keys uploaded on 10 march...
Was there any change in answer key last year?
Revised answer keys released
Is thr any change in any of answerkey this year???

For set 1 in the question number 45 (stop and wait ARQ efficiency question) the answer key was extended actually

previously it was 86.5 - 87.5

now it is 86.5-89.5

I got two marks though i didn't challenge this one :)
ok, Thanks!
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