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Hello friends !! Good morning to you all..I know being an aspirant like you all the post that I am going to write should be in view of as much aspirants as possible..Although myself not getting that good rank this year , but still I want to forget the day as soon as possible..

The matter about which I am discussing now is regarding counselling based on my previous year experience..I am writing this at this juncture because many have started filling the forms..

So last year IIT KGP and IIT G did not have spot round for admission..So seat filling is not assured in all IITs..Thats why some suggestions from my side :

a) Those who are getting rank around 50-60 should not apply for IIT K , IIT M and IIT D as they will get IISC Bengaluru / IIT B easily(If not in 1st round , then in 2nd round or 3rd round)..

b) Now IIT M,IIT K and IIT D are similar..So it is not suggested to fill in all of these..If one's rank is around 120-130 , one would get IIT KGP in worst case easily n even IIT M..So in this scenario if one's preference is IIT M , then please do not apply for IIT K/IIT D or vice versa..

c) Thirdly if one gets say around 160 - 170 rank , then he / she would get IIT KGP conveniently..So plz do not apply for IIT G/IIT R/IIT H..If I remember properly only 1-2 student out of 23 students in general category took admission in IIT G finally who were given seats in the first round of counseling..So in other words , the entire round was a waste..So my point is if someone's preference is IIT R , then please do not apply for IIT G or vice versa (Myself was a victim of this ; could have got a seat in IIT G last yr only else)..

I have written this keeping in view of the prevalent counseling system..So if the system does not get bettered , and if at least we become a bit responsible then also the scenario gets bettered to good extent for many..

And I would have written this post if I were get the top rank this year as well which is not going to happen for me this year as opposed to my dreams..But anyways as a piece of suggestion I have written it.I can only suggest and not force anyone..So it is my heartful request to look into this and also no one should take it personally( I mean those who are getting good ranks )..

Thank you all..
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Can you please tell me what colleges can I get with a gate score of 490 and rank of 4300?
Can you please tell me what college can I get with gate CSE marks 36.90 and score 483 in general category. My rank is 4590.
Can you please tell me what college can I get with gate CSE marks 39.83 and score 516 in general category. My rank is 3580.
Nit jalandhar,IIIT Jabalpur,durgapur vineeta garg,ridhi and yogesh try fr nsr,you might get durgapur
nd what about this record

score 618

rank 1570

marks 48.98


which collg?
Look fr iiit b,jaipur,bhopal,nagpur possible
nd what about ny iit?