Dreaming of achieving a good rank in GATE started when one of my senior secured rank under 100. The first time I got to know about GATE. At that time I was in my first year 2nd semester. Then I searched about GATE and collected the information. I also found that PSU also recruits through GATE. I have always had a dream of having a government job. This was my first motivation.


Actually, before preparing for GATE I never had an interest in Computer Science. From my school days, I never like computers. But from my JEE Score, hard to get into a good college. So I decided to take state government college and computer science as a branch. Many people say either take a good college or CS as a branch. Throughout my 1st and 2nd year, I am not able to found out computer science as interesting. And then thought of writing GATE and having a job at PSU.


Then before lockdown, I had information and material with me. My friend SG help me a lot in this. But in the first three months of lockdown, I didn’t do anything (In the hope college will reopen and let's prepare for college exams). But that does not happen. Generally, I can’t stay away from the study for more days. In that 3 months, I started learning HTML, CSS, and Linux. But while doing dual boot some problem happened(all data lost) and then I avoided all this.


Then on 9 June 2020, I started my preparation. I have my plans with me that I have created by watching YouTube videos. For at least 1 month it is like I am taking out my frustration of not studying onto my studies. In 1 month I have completed 3 subjects C programming, Data structure, and Engineering math. I have also bought the RBR test series for Practice. In my 3rd I manage all my course completion, Revision, and test series like a pro. My JEE coaching experience helps me a lot in it. I should not forget the subject so I kept a date every month for revision. Like 2-DS, 3-Algo, 11-TOC like that. And In the initial days, I have given 2 tests (topic) in a week. As all tests of the subject get complete, then exactly after 1 month, I would plan my subject test. I follow the same schedule till October and till October I have completed all subjects except COA. Then I started giving 3 tests a week, and by Nov I have completed my all subject. Then I started giving the only tests. And in the 3rd year's attempt, I have given nearly 15+ Full tests. I also keep a record of what I did today.

When you write what you did today, and if you have not worked it will motivate you to work hard the next day. And I have secured AIR 1518 in 2021. This is the first time I have achieved something countable. Not a great rank but I was happy about it.



Then from my attempt, I have analyzed the mistake

1. I had not solved the Previous year's question and I have followed Gate Overflow for this.

2. Some topics I have left

3. Giving only one test series become predictable so it was not helpful.


5 April 2021, I have started my preparation again, revise the subject, filled up weak links of the subject, and after ten 10 days give a test on the subject. Like this, I have completed all my topic+subject+revision of all subjects. And then started giving the full-length tests. Initially, I was giving FLT alternate days and I am not revising properly. But slowly its effect showed in the test. Then stop giving alternate tests and start giving 3 times in week tests (Sunday, Wednesday, Friday), and every 10-15days I revise the whole subject. And so on the journey continues. Revising the same thing is boring, so you need motivation for these. If you wish to gain motivation by watching Sandeep Maheshwari it helps for you for only 1-2 days, it doesn’t work here. You should be internally motivated.


My 4th-year journey was not smooth as my 3rd year. 4th Year Placement, Summer Internship all were there. I had applied for some companies, but I am not good at coding and felt like I am wasting my time, then decide to make a bold call and stop applying for drives and made myself uni intentional. Focus on only one target helps.


When I was preparing for GATE in my 4th year, some people never encourage me to do it. They ask “do you have the potential to come in the top 100 ?” and how do aspirants know he will come in the top 100 or not? So I never take these things seriously and always ignore such people. Do ignore people who are not supportive of you. Believe me, it always helps.


Some advantage for me was it was Covid-19 time and I was at home, So there was no distraction from the college side(I know you got it). No problem with food(which is with me every time cause mess food) and good environment.


I believe there is nothing like smart work. If you have done Hard Work, it will always be paid off. Not this time but definitely it will be paid off. Believe me “God has a more beautiful plan than yours”.  I was waiting for the result on 16 till 9:30 but not declared, and woke up at 12:30 and checked the result and finally, I got AIR 34 in Gate CSE-2022. And I was not able to sleep the whole night and it was a memorable night.


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Congratulations Prashant

If you are learning from NPTEL only and practicing previous year questions and following some books for practice, then yes NPTEL would be sufficient to learn the technical part of the paper....

 If you are just watching the lectures without solving any questions then it will just waste your time nothing else....

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2.   https://gateoverflow.in/blog/5026/go-classroom-for-gate-2019#c14187 




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Congratulations and thanks for the blog