IIITA MTech IT 2022 new course structure and curriculum

Hello everyone,
Many students are approaching me and my classmates regarding IIITA mtech admission as this year they introduced 3 new branches in MTech in IT as below.
1. Mtech IT in system
2. MTech IT in software and data engg.
3. MTech IT in network and security
So, i just want to clear that these are not new branches. They just grouped into 3.
Last year, in ccmt 2021 we had only MTech IT. And all 125 students were admitted into this single branch. After 1st semester we were divided into 7 branches based on our cgpa and preference as below.
1. Software engg (SE)
2. Data engg (DE)
3. Machine learning and intelligent systems (MLIS)
4. Human computer interaction (HCI)
5. Robotics
6. Cyber law and information security (CLIS)
7. Wireless communication (WCC)
This year in ccmt 2022 they had given 3 branches instead of one i mentioned earlier. In 1st semester all 3 branches have to study together in one classroom. After 1st semester they will be divided in different specializations as below.
1. MTech IT in system --> MLIS, HCI, robotics
2. MTech IT in software and data engg. --> software engg and data engg.
3. Mtech IT in network and security --> WCC , CLIS.
So, everything is the same as previous years. Don't be panic if you are going to take admission in IIITA MTech IT. 
Last but not least , I just want to clear that these are just specialisations. During placements, all are treated the same as MTech IT students.   
Hope your doubts have been cleared now. Still if you have any queries then you can contact me on Facebook or LinkedIn.
Thank you.

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1 comment

Can you provide fee structure as well?

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