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Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Programme (M.Tech.):

The standard M.Tech. (TA) is a two-year programme, where the first two semesters (July to May) are spent doing courses. A one-year project commences in May (end of the 2nd semester) and lasts for almost fourteen months (till about July next year). The project typically has a strong research component.

A three-year M.Tech. (RA) programme is also offered, for project and technical staff ("RA/PS" category).

Please see the IITB M.Tech. Programme Brochure for additional details.

For course and credit outline of a typical M.Tech. programme, see here (the actual programme may vary in consultation with the faculty advisor).
Admission to Postgraduate programmes at IIT Bombay is through GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) for M.Tech. programmes.

The CSE department invites outstanding candidates to pursue the degree of Masters of Technology (M.Tech.) at IIT Bombay. The M.Tech. programme lets students do a number of specialized courses, as well as letting them explore their research and development skills through a year-long project.

The courses at the CSE department will challenge your intellect and advance your knowledge in various subjects in computer science and engineering, while the M.Tech. project will let you be a part of the various exciting research and development projects going on in the Department.

An M.Tech. degree at CSE-IITB will prepare you for highly sought-after industry jobs, or, if research is what beckons you, for a Ph.D. in computer science and engineering.

For those applicants in the TA category admission will be direct admission based on GATE score. There will not be any additional test/interviews. Offers will be made via COAP.

Postgraduate Programme (MS):

M.S by Research in CSE is a new programme (introduced in 2020) designed for students who wish to explore a career in R&D, and can serve as a first step either towards a Ph.D. or towards a high-end R&D-oriented career in industry. Admissions to the M.S. by Research programme in CSE will be available in the TA category, which is funded by the institute, as well as in the RAP category, where the student works with a CSE faculty member on an R&D project which funds the student's stipend.


  • Eligibility requirements identical to M.Tech.
  • Designed for students interested in R&D
  • Coursework and thesis focused on research
  • Binding to specialization area at admission time
  • Flexible program duration (1.5 yrs to 3 yrs)
  • Up to three years full scholarship
  • New program, started in 2020
  • Common application form with M.Tech.

For the course and credit outline of a typical M.S. programme, see here (the actual programme may vary in consultation with the faculty advisor).

For detailed information, please visit:

MS by Research, PhD and M.Tech admissions procedure 2022-2023 Department of CSE, IIT Bombay:

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