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Thanks Bikram sir for encouraging me to write this .

Yes , I needed encouragement . I never thought a person having Gate AIR 297 can motivate anyone . 

First let me tell you about myself, I am one of those students,who doesn't have any long term goal in life . Seriously before my in CS I never thought about, and in IITs ,never ever . 

So ,I heard about GATE in my second year .I was in college hostel ,where I saw one of my senior Suman Da preparing for GATE14  day and night .May be that created the first petal of my dream (may be small but for me it was a dream).So following his path me,with some of my friends joined a coaching institute in third year . But none of us was serious enough and the expected result in Gate16 AIR 3000+. Some of my friends had  great ranks in Gate16.


But one day something happened ,I don't know what exactly happened but I clearly remembered that made me feel ,I never had any goals ,Only one dream I have to protect it .I read most of the blogs of toppers and mainly the persons blog who dropped year after year to achieve their dreams and seriously if that is the main motivation then there is no replacement of GATE OVERFLOW. Mentors like Arjun sir, Bikram sir are awsome to motivate you .

I made my mind that I will sit for GATE 17 if not a good rank than GATE 18 .I talked with my parents, my professors and they also supported me.


Here comes the main part preparation and I think mental preparation is the main thing, which I already had .But for study preparation I tried to follow the 10% rule.Make notes of everything you read, because that will be needed in last two months .So prepare everything before November 15, start  tough subjects in middle of preparation and yes of course download GATE OVERFLOW book of questions and solve it beside your textbook preparation . The best part about GO book is you can practice topic wise and please don't leave it for last because there are a lot of practice test you have to take in last two months .So never leave the GO book for last else you may not get enough time and you will be depressed .Start taking tests from october 1st week ,I started it november 1st and missed a lot of tests.So I advice you not to repeat same mistake I have made.For test there are a lot of free test and some paid tests chose wisely .

Last week

The most critical week of my life till now . Each day ends so quickly and the pressure was tremendous.I left the job of an MNC which was very hard for me to get .I did not know what to do if I fail .I read motivating posts from GO talked with my Maa ,Baba. They all tried their best to made me feel positive .

Last Night 

I finished all of the tasks I have to do before 10PM, the exam was 2PM of next day .May be it sounds weird but that night I really didn't know I have slept or not but my eyes was closed . I wake up 5AM , prayed, re-read some important formulas (of the questions that gate repeats for its own bad habit )and left for Gitobitan at 11.

Exam hall 

Prepare a proper plan for those 3 hours ,if you don't then it's up to your luck . For mine plan was, 180 to 160 aptitude,160 to 120- 1 mark questions ,120 to 50 - 2 marks . Then revise .Revise priority 2 marks first , then aptitude then 1 marks ,But still exam pressure made a shortage of 20 minutes for mine .I have done a whole lot of silly mistakes ,which may be corrected if I had those 20 minutes . So plan accordingly .

Above all thank you all GO team , and specially Bikram sir ,Arjun sir and Habib Dada ,others also (If I missed anyone sorry)

Though the journey seems small but it was great for me .

I don't know  how much I can help anyone .But if you have any issue I will try my best to help .

Thank you ,there is a long way to go before death.


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Congratulations on your success! Have a good life ahead.
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