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So, Finally it comes to write a testimonial after writing answers, asking questions, comments here.

I must say that CS students are extremely lucky/fortunate to have GO for GATECSE preparation. So, first thanks to @Arjun Sir, for creating this platform, maintaining GO and answering queries even now.

Although there is GO book for past year problems but i preferred solving questions from Gateoverflow because of discussions here. Those discussions gave me answer to many related questions that didn't came to me.

Many points in my notes are from answers and comments here.

Thanks GO for providing right solution to many Test Series Questions and correcting questions itself at various occasions. Thanks for Rank Predicter due to which Final Result wasn't a big surprise.

Thanks Dhananjay, for helping me with my stupid doubts when i was new to GO around aug'16. ( I can remember commenting @vijaycs in every question when i was new ). Thanks Anirudh, Habib, Debashish and Kapil for your great answers and your special help to my silly messages. and how can i forget Sushant, Prajwal, Rajesh, Shobhit and srestha for your help.

To GATE18 onwards aspirants I must say : A doubt is a doubt. Get it cleared at earliest. Don't hesitate to ask even a simple query. (don't think what other users will think of you)

Thanks Gateoverflow !! It feels great to be $\tt  AIR-28$ as a final year EE undergrad. I can say for sure that without Gateoverflow the outcome of GATE'17 journey wouldn't be what it is today.

$\bf  \color{green}{(:\; Jio\; gave\; free\; net\; and\; this\; GO\; gave\; free\; knowledge\; :)}$

posted Apr 1, 2017 in 2017 by Boss | 1,973 views


Congratulations. Thanks !! :)
Thanks Debashish !! Learned a lot from you.
Big - Congo. brother ..(y)

Thanks for special mention .. :) You too helped a lot. bhai ..

Thanks to @sreshta .. I can't forget your involvement in every was really very helpful discussing concepts with you guys..
Thanks @srestha and @vijaycs
Heartiest congratulations from my side @mcjoshi..Stay blessed..
@vijay yes enjoyable it was. But it's loophole find by Arjun Sir which makes it more interesting :)
^correct @srestha .. :)

Thanks Habib bhai,

Your contribution here was like 3months 500+ answers. 

I hope that it helps others n me also in the long run..:)
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