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Finally I write a blog on my experience of Gate.Hope it will motivate future aspirants.

posted Apr 12 in Motivation by Boss (7,281 points) 9 99 252 | 1,425 views


You have an extraordinary talent of freezing the anger..but when break out brings the world to destroy...:)
Highly motivational ,Thanx for posting it
Hats off of to your perseverance and congratulate you for the achievement.

Good luck in your future adventures. :)
I have Utmost Respect for you Kishalay , I couldn't have pulled it off what you have done :)
Keep it up bro! Abhi to party shuru huyi h.
best real life motivation i have ever seen !!! hats off!!!

Wonder what you will become with this kind of perseverance !!!!

Best of luck !!
The level of perseverance that you had showed from 2012-2017 was seriously nerve freezing. I can understand the pressure that comes from the society and inner self when we are up for such high level goals.

What I learned from your story is that to never stop believing in yourself even if nobody does.

The mind creates the reality what it is able to think, And certainly, what we are able to think is definitely possible.

The world needs "Mentally Tough" guys like you .
Congratulations Kishalay .
Wow, that was truly inspiring..Congratulations!
I am relating your journey to the movie "The pursuit of Happiness" :)

Your journey is truly inspiring.
Very inspiring. Congrats on getting into ISRO as well. :)

I had a few troubles of my own and wanted to know if you ever faced them and what was your method to tackle them.

In your blog, you never mention any case of slackness. Like getting up one morning with no will to study or solve a few questions. Did you ever experience this?

I read somewhere that motivation is like a muscle and you need to keep exercising it every day to keep it strong. You had a habit of writing inspirational quotes into a dairy, maybe that helped?

Also, if you get the time, do tell us about your ISRO interview experience. What changes to your interview preparation did you make the second time around? What mistakes did you commit in your first interview? I am sorry for getting a bit nosey but since your preparation for GATE 2016 was also quite immaculate (much better than my GATE 2017), you can understand my concern when I read you didn't make it through the interviews in 2016.

Thanks. :)
Truly awesome perseverance....I wonder with this much of preparation you could have been a top fellow in MIT or Harvard if you were in US.Sorry for IITs in india....their acceptance rate is as low as 0.25-0.5%..


1.No that kind of slackness I never felt as I said it was do or die situation for me.So I didn't want to waste much time.So I always ultilized time mostly in studying.But what I felt bored is to study same notes for one more time as I already took an intense preparation in 2016. And also solving same previous year paper repeatedly was not interesting at all.(Many I even know the ans)But I had no other option. It was boring but that is how you have to prepare. One thing I did was I started reading new books on diff subjects so that I can read same topics in diff ways.

2.Yess..For motivation you need to keep on motivating yourself daily. And that was the purpose for maintaining that diary and reading books.Even in YouTube you will find diff lectures by great peoples that will boost you up.

3.Regarding Interview I am planning to write a separate blog as many people want to know about it.Yes..I will share my experience in both term there.It may take some time as I am a bit busy with the formalities of ISRO joining.But I assure you I will write about it.


Yes..thats the reality.For General candidate its even half of that.But that is something you have to accept and move on.What you cant change,better to stop think and discuss about.

Thanks for taking some time out to share your experience. Eagerly awaited. :)
Are you giving preference to ISRO over M.Tech @ IISC/IITB ?
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