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It was so wonderful to see so many toppers thanking GO in their responses. Last year there were not much activity on the site other than the tests organized by Bikram Ballav and usual Q/A. Still, the no. of top rankers are much higher than any previous year. This is personally so satisfying for me because when I was free last year, I had two options -- to spend time answering personal queries or to make the site stable, add features and fix the issues. I took the second one and is happy to know that it was the right move.

In terms of the result, all toppers are getting what they deserve. Unlike in coaching, here no one is giving any short cut or tricks for success and those who work smartly and correctly understand the concepts become toppers because they truly deserve it. Many of those who thanked me personally -- I have not even talked to them once. This is the message I want to give to any new aspirant. If you are really brilliant you can get GATE without doing anything. Otherwise instead of looking for shortcuts, try to improve yourself and become worthy of getting to IITs. Then you will surely get there. You should also develop critical reasoning -- not behave like going and giving 1* rating for something someone ALLEGEDLY said -- instead questioning why/how for anything anyone says - even your teacher. That is how you can understand concepts correctly and become a good problem solver.

I do not like to say this as an achievement but GO keys were 100% accurate this time and was the same last time. Well, this should be so trivial for any keys as the keys are not made inside the exam hall in 3 hours. But unfortunate thing in India is no one really cares for making their keys accurate. I guess Made Easy keys were the best among others and even it was not 90% accurate. Keys wont affect your performance, but what I meant is the authenticity of their materials. If you go over them, you are already reducing a good percentage of your marks -- starting with 90% instead of 100%. Learning wrong stuffs and correcting later is more difficult than learning correct stuffs. This might be the reason why people from ECE and Mech. are topping GATE in CSE.

I'll make a separate post regarding how to prepare adding more points based on how GATE 2017 went. But in short YOU have to solve problem in GATE and must prepare for it. Like in cricket a batsman has to hit the ball- sweep shot, reverse sweep etc. are all useful additions but unless you know how to hit the ball nothing else matter. So, prepare for the basics and then do add on. And GATE syllabus, standard books, and previous year questions are your best guide - not any human including me.

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well said sir .... and you really deserve a big hats-off as you are doing a amazing work and created a amazing platform... either we top or not but your efforts are always appreciable.. waiting for your next post n guidence
Good one. Thank you for the great platform and your time.