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Just saving this post for the reference for future aspirants. One can read the comments made by the IITR professor justifying 0.33. Had I given GATE and suffered this I would have gone to court against this stupidity.

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Arjun sir, finally missed my BARC interview call by 1 score (790 cutoff, I got 789) and will likely be missing IITD as well for the same reason. Having 0 negative mark turned out negative for me. :(

It is quite unfortunate. Never before have such a mistake happened in GATE. Human mistakes like wrong question/options have happened but at those times they have tried to correct them as much as possible. IITR just brought IITs to a normal engineering college level. It became an IIT only in 2001 and probably those not qualified to be in an IIT are still there.  Hopefully, you can get to IITK and no need to worry about BARC because IITG/H is any day better. 

Thank you Arjun sir. Your words have always been very considerate and satisfying. Hoping to turn this negative into something positive for my future. :)
Arjun Sir,

Any chance that IITR would rectify this mistake , or it's fixed now ?
there is no chance of changing without any court case
Yes, what Sourav said is right. They did not fix it. But suppose if any candidate get miss out on IIT/PSU they can go to court and most probably should be given a seat.
Hello, thanks for taking this issue seriously and doing something about it.

Pardon my naiveness, but, I don't get how that spreadsheet of Gate rankers proves this anomaly actually happened this year.

And how are you sure that it didn't happen in the past years?

*Out of curiosity.*

Yes, If you see the spreadsheet entries 103 and 104 you can know that this issue happened this year - many other entries too but this is one where even score changed. And this is accepted by IITR though just tried to justify it showing "0.33" in the question page. For the 1/3 on the information page and on the brochure they have no answer. I'm not blaming IITR alone because I had mailed this to all IITs and no one care for this. And how I was sure of this issue- because I did the mark estimation on that google sheet from normalized marks and it was not matching. Then I also had the data from the answer sheets being submitted for rank evaluation and checking that revealed the reason of negatives. 

How I'm sure this never happened before? Till whichever year GATE provided actual marks, it was always ending in 0.33, 0.67 or 1. IISc for example have published this in their site as cutoffs and similarly many others. Even last year we had collected this data in spreadsheet and noticed no such anomaly. 

Nothing is going to change now, but I hope there are no sufferers. Personally I would like to ensure all IITs fill their seats now - as that issue can affect even more students. I'm sure this issue won't happen next year, as even if they don't acknowledge the mistake I'm sure they know Mathematics.  

But if in entries 103 and 104 actual marks are same and normalized marks are different, then doesn't it *just* tell that the normalization computation is faulty?

Thanks for bearing with me.
Normalization mark is the actual one given in score card - of course calculated from actual mark but actual mark was not given in scorecard. In the sheet actual mark was calculated by me by applying the inverse formula.
I used GO negligibly before taking GATE, but now I know how nice it feels when you have a healthy community of people with similar pursuits.

And the credit for this community goes to you.


PS : for me, that "should I do PhD" blog post, and the one explaining rules for Masters in IITs was more important than, possibly, the whole GO website.

Thanks again.
And all this time I thought the students with same score were given ranks based on the marks they scored in Maths (similar to what happens in JEE) but this error made laugh and also to the fact that they are trying to just bury their horrendous mistake, by simply ignoring it in plain sight.
@arjun sir,if i dun get a interview call from any of iit D,IIT B,IIT K,IIT KHP,...then opting iit R would be a wrong choice?as IIT G is too far from my place,so not considering it.

i seriously need your opinion on this.i have read a lot about iit R vs other iits on qoura and have read mixed reviews.

@Newplayer You are welcome.

@Harsh This usually happens in govt. set up. Everyone try to pass on the issue and eventually it all depends on one person's decision. Unfortunately this time that one person did not know mathematics.

@Akriti I do not think that is an issue. IITR is no way IITB but I do not think its inferior to any below 5 old IITs. There will be + and - but since 2001 a lot of things would have changed. Most of the CSE faculty there now should be new comers. And usually new comers are more hard working.
thankyou so much sir..:-)