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Those who are taking admission this time have found how tedious it is even after getting to top rank in GATE. This petition was made last year by Akash Kanase but was not proceeded with since petition for spot round was more important then. This time once admissions are over we can really push for this. I request you all to please provide data regarding the seat fillinf at IITs last year. 

IISc, IITB, IITK, IITKgp, IITM - all seats filled.

IITD - ? 

IITG/H/R - ? 

posted Apr 25, 2017 in Others by Veteran (352,285 points) | 771 views


Thanks. But nothing seems decided about CAP. We should move with the petition rt?
yes, as CAP is a could be, after this push it can become should be
:) Nicely put by Sourav Das.

@Mr Arjun

One thing intrigues me : with so much of traffic, so much content, why does GO not come at the top of search results?

Example searches : gate score calculator, gate rank predictor, gate prev year papers.

Fake pages which dont even have a calculator appear first, annoys me.

Also, I know it might sound like an unnecessary convenience, but could you add a column for whether "took gate for psu or masters", in the rankers ' response spreadsheet? After all, this entire site is meant as a convenience for Gate aspirants.

Thanks again.
For PSU is not very important for CSE, but yes, next time or in admission sheet I'll add that. And the issue with search is no proper tagging or meta tags. Many of the site pages are not SEO done. At least the question pages are.
When do PSUs call for interview?
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