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If anyone has previous experience with this interview, please share. Also any further information/suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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@Uzumaki I guess you took my words wrong. I have corrected :)
@Newplayerr I'm not sure. I was In INRIA and now I'm in OSU, US not France :) And IITD is fine but not BBNL..
No sir, I got what you have said correctly :)

Suppose Nvidia comes for placements then it might prefer CDS over CSA as the course work at CDS is similar to what they work in GPUs( CSA also includes but not that intense). And If Google/Microsoft etc come they might have an interest in CSA more(depending on their requirements).

Isn't it what you are saying sir?
Yes :) But for 90% companies its same - Aptitude + Tech rounds for placement :)
(Y) Aptitude and Math scare me :o. I need to hone up my Math before I go there.
@Mr Arjun

Haha. Yes I won't be going for BBNL. I suspect if it would be my kind of job.

There's this question that I have wanted to ask a research scholar for a long time :

How do people come to know what topic they are going to research?

I mean, example : looking at your profile, I don't even know if there is something in existence with a name containing the term "aspect oriented".

Does everyone who does research has to create something new in their field?

I wouldn't have a problem if your answer goes something like : "you'll know when you join a Masters program", or "you just start reading research journals till your search ends".

I could have done fine without asking this question, but we are here so fired it.
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