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Many people have been asking how to contribute to GO. So, let me brief..

As a GATE aspirant the best way you can contribute is by learning the concepts correctly, getting a good rank and giving a feedback. There is nothing more expected here. Those who knows to explain well can explain and help others. But this should never be done at the expense of one's own preparation. If one explains, he understands more. But no need to do this if you feel otherwise as repeated explanation also won't add value to your knowledge. After joining IISc/IIT or any good college, whenever you find anything you can contribute you can give back to newcomers here like admission stats, announcing research opportunities etc. I do not expect any Masters person from good colleges to contribute here as it'll affect their studies and I know how busy life there is. Aim of GO is to improve the quality of education and you can help it -- but first help must be for self.

Now, if you have enough time and want to contribute you can do it. What to contribute? If you have been here and know how things work here, you should know. I'll list 3 contributions to GO not directly related to the contents, which became quite popular

  1. Kathleen added previous year GATE questions here
  2. Pragy Aggarwal made the GATE rank predictor - this is open source
  3. Arindam Sarkar made the GO Exam plugin
  4. Bikram Ballav made the Exams

The above 4 were not asked by me and they did this on their own. So, anyone can do like this. There is no need of having a cool idea - because in the end implementation matters. If you see there is nothing innovative in GO- Q/A sites were already existing and even in GATE domain. If you do not want to implement anything, fine, you need not. On the other hand if you have an idea and want to try it no one will stop you. Just discussing any idea without wanting to implement is useless as no coders are here to do it.

Many people have asked for contributing to the GATE CSE book. I guess you would have seen the Digital Logic book last time and I plan to make other subjects on similar lines. It won't be a book of "notes". But should act like a guide for following text books. Many people have contributed to it and now whatever I want to do on it I plan to do it myself. But if you have anything specific you want to add -- say some nice programs under relevant chapters -- then you are welcome to do so. 

And if you are expecting anything in return for the contribution you need not contribute. Also plagiarism is strictly prohibited here as that is the major reason for poor education quality among graduates. So, if you copy from somewhere and answer here, you risk either being penalized or from being banned. There is no reason to answer here for getting points alone -- as there is no major advantage for it. Answer here only if you know it and you want to contribute what you know. I mean as a student answer questions only if you have a small teacher in you.

If anyone is interested in making an addon for GO it is pretty easy as GO is using the open source Q2A platform. You can get more details here.


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I can make video explanations(videos like khanacademy on pen tablet(bought that with the money I got by freelancing out of interest to teach, inspired by khanacademy and not any other for the reader's clarity)) if someone finds something hard to understand(only if I'm good at that topic). There can be list of topics or questions made regularly and I will do what I could.

I don't say I'm excellent (or only I can teach) but some might find it useful. Watch the following video and decide.

P.S. : I have no interest in opening a coaching institute. This is purely done to help others and I don't expect anything from you. 

How about we start by making video solutions to every previous year GATE question?
sounds very helpful.

If you can make video solution to every previous year gate question properly , i will take a selfie with you :)

:) I don't want the solutions to be incorrect/ misleading. I will consult you all before making a video on any solution. As a fact we already have many standard solutions written by Arjun sir, you and others and I can take them as reference(quality through technology, no compromise with quality).

Get ready for the selfie sir :p
@Uzumaki Naruto I really appreciate this step but I have few questions to you. As there are already thousands of YouTube channel then what is the need of doing the same thing again? We already have quality lectures from coursera, MIT, NPTEL etc by some of the best professors in their respective field. Now, coming to previous years questions, again what is a need for this? everything should not be spoon-feeding, and making videos for all previous years question is not something practical. The previous year's questions are there to check your level of preparation and whether your concepts are clear if you provide video for everything then how people are going to learn a problem-solving skill? Go is there for providing correct key and not for mugging those steps as solved by some GO user. Maybe someone can try a different approach from what someone solved on GO and still you get the right answer, all these things will only happen if you solve them by yourself. Again there is no harm in doing these things if you have time but there is no need according to me.
:o That is a valid point @vivek. Never thought about that before. But this is how I thought, aspirants try to solve the question, if they don't get it then they will see the written solution. Still if there is any vague idea about the solution then video might be helpful.

I know it is practically not possible for me to make all the solutions but I believe if we at least start on something then we get help from all directions(there may be many like me willing to contribute as a team).

Re-analyzing the facts that you have stated^ this idea appears to have demerits.

I think it's better that I concentrate on my Research :D
No, my intention was not to discourage you but give you a different perspective. As they say "Ideas are cheap, execution is everything" so executing them are more important. But why not make Gate overflow answers such that anyone can understand those solutions who is good with his/her concepts and identify what mistakes he/she has done while solving the problems and accordingly correct them. If we do this then there is no need to make any videos and those time can be utilized for somewhere else :) It's just an advice, it's up to you whether you want to do it or not, if you think it will be helpful for others then go ahead and I wish you the best.


There are some previous years solved videos already exits for few subjects, not for all question but few questions .


@Naruto Nice. But having solution for all previous year questions is just waste as Vivek told. Obviously if we put an opinion poll most people will want it but most people dont do well in GATE also. So, we should focus on quality.

The IEEE representation you "caught" is a good topic. You explained one question there- that one question should cover any question on that topic. Likewise if we do hardly about 50 topics across all subjects and maximum 50 videos. And so, you can just do about 10 of them which you are most comfortable with :) If we go and make videos of each instance of a question (concepts being repeated in different forms) we are killing the thinking power of students, and in GATE they will ask a new instance and students score less. Obviously they will feel satisfied during preparation and things go easier but the end result is poor.