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Hi everyone,

Its been a long time. I have been seeing a lot of complaints from admins/editors that they cannot contribute to GATE aspirants due to personal queries. So, I request everyone not to message or contact any admin here or in FB. All of them have their work and they are not doing a job here. If you disturb them they stop coming here and stop contributing. The following are the most common queries:

  1. How to prepare for GATE to get to top 100?
  2. I got this much rank - where can I get admit?
  3. Where should I join?

None of these are private queries and could be asked in public. Answering in public gets better results and also gets saved for future. This is the building principle of GATE Overflow and I hope everyone understands.

posted Apr 29, 2017 in Others by Boss (18,027 points) | 164 views
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