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Two query in single post.

1)I have been called for written/interview for Ph.D(after B.Tech) at IIT GN on 7th May.ISRO is also conducting written test on the same.Please comment on which should I ditch.

AIR 958(CS-Gen)

2)I have been called up for MS(R) at IIT Mandi on 14th May.ISI CAL has also written test on same day.Which should I choose?

And how good is CS in IIT Mandi?

Please Help!!
posted Apr 30, 2017 in Others by (475 points) | 713 views


@wall ,
1.  You should go to  IIT GN ( if interested in research at-least ) .

2. You should go to MS(R) at IIT Mandi .

Dear Sir, 

Please! guide what is the syllabus for admission in phd. in computer science in iitgn and is there any previous year question paper of written exam of above.

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