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Someone showed me CCMT brochure this time. It seemed unnecessarily complex but due to lack of coordination from non participating Institutes this might be the best they could do. Anyway for CSE, I'll try to demystify many things.

First, this is what a typical candidate must do:

  1. Fill the choices in the order they prefer. If you do not have a preference going by last year filling is not so bad - Last year stats
  2. Until you are allotted a place, you need not do anything
  3. If you are allotted never take "Freezing" option unless you are 100% sure you do not want any option higher -- but int hat case why they were given higher? Anyway use this with care
  4. Sliding choice is also similar. It is to be used when a candidate liked the institute so much and does not want to move out
  5. Floating should be the default option

Regarding Internal Sliding

This happens after 3rd round on June 11 and NSR vacancy listing on July 4. What happens here is if a seat in any department becomes vacant, someone who is allotted seat FOR ANY PROGRAM in THAT INSTITUTE is given that seat in order of merit. In my opinion this is against overall merit and is a sick procedure. Anyway that is how it is and they have at least made this public. So, now candidates have to use more logic while seat filling. I'll try to give some inputs. There is a 3 week gap for internal sliding. During this time many research admission lists will be published starting from IISc., and at least 30 people would be moving away from NITs. Also this time PSU allotment might come around this time which can cause more sliding. So, if you have a preferred institute, do fill for ALL programs you are eligible there.

NSR Rounds

NSR round is less of a lottery as they publish the vacancy and allotment happens in order of merit. But due to internal sliding we can never know if any branch seat will get vacant. Usually the highest preferred program (say Computer Science) in a college, gets fully filled during Internal sliding and the following program (say Information Security) seats come for NSR round. But this round is not meant for poor general/OBC candidates as they have to pay  Rs 42,200 for this.

Information Brochure


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Should IIIT Allahabad be preferred over NITs for research?
Hello,CCMT 1st round has been alloted.Now I have been allotted and want to set willingness as floating.Should I pay seat acceptance fee and report to RC by 25th May to set willingness? Or wait for 2nd round and then if get preferred college then pay seat acceptance fee and report to RC and set willingness?

I got confused from their flow chart.Please help,urgent.
Yes pay the fees. After that you'll be able to download the willingness declaration form.
I have reported to a RC for 1st round for CCMT 2017 and keep my choice floating.After 2nd round I have the same seat allotted as of the 1st round.Do I have to report to RC again or do nothing? As I have confused with their flowchart.

Read last line specifically for your query,