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I read a quote recently, it goes something like this:

Winning isn’t everything, but it beats anything at second place.

I have been musing on this – does one test/exam define you?

After declaration of Gate 2017 results, some have surely found their calling fulfilled; dreams turning to reality. However there are some who might be feeling left out. Dreams shattered may be?

One must always remember that great accomplishments surely make your life better but that is not all there is to life. One mustn’t forget to live. We all have one chance to live it; why not make it worth? At the end of the day all that matters is what you do and whether your deed helps others.

True, some privileges are the prerogative of the elite, top IITs, best PSUs but that doesn’t mean the rest are signed off. Always remember, it is but a beginning not the end.

To those for whom top rank or best IITs mean a lot, I say this – We all have our bad days. Sometimes even months, but if we are determined, if we stay focused, we can always achieve what we want. If you couldn’t make it this time make sure you put in one hell of an effort the next time. Let your dreams keep you awake and struggling. Work your posterior off. Period.

To those for whom this was their last shot, for reasons of their own, I say this – this is not the end of the road. Your path just got a bit more difficult but not obliviated; murkier, yes, but still there. Take some time off. Prepare your next move. Count your blessings, don’t blame your fate. Yes you need to work harder still, and some times make a path where none existed before; but it would be worth.

I would like to add few lines from a poem I wrote earlier sometime:

What art thou if not thou dream,
Dark is the terra, if not thou the light beam

Don’t search for examples, be the example.

To all I say this – Our lives are what we make of it. Be warriors not worriers. Learning is a never ending process and sometimes the best teacher and the best guide is time and you.

Don’t give up, don’t stop. Never stop.

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If you need inspiring words to do something great,dont do it.

mine GATE CS 2016 AIR 2581,GATE CS 2017 AIR 1880 ,GATE CS 2018 AIR 1. IIT B all in.
Will you quit the job or prepare simultaneously for gate?
I am currently working in Newgen Software & will switch for some better job but main aim is to & I will crack GATE CS 2018 with top 50 rank for IIT B.
@aik134863 I know bro and i believe in you, you will be in top 10 for sure, all the very best :)

@vivek_mishra  All the best bro I know you have potential to be in top 5 ranks GATE CS 2018 ,IIT Bombay all the way bro.

nyc one
nyc sprit from both of you Iamsal and aik138463...stay safe..:)
Thanks bro @Marvin007 ,According to me,the reason why I still want this GATE CS 2018 top 50 rank so badly & 100 % will get it next year for IITB is that MTECH CS at old IITs is the degree which you only EARN through sheer hard work & perseverance, & you can never ever BUY this degree,due to which this IIT adds much higher value to your quality of education.Best wishes & success to all GATE CS 2018 aspirants who won't settle for anything but the best old IITs.India is Great.

Best wishes & success to all GATE CS 2018 aspirants and I Hope we ALL serious Gate aspirants MUST be Successful in GATE 2018.But just remember one thing "LESS ABOUT TO TALK AND MORE ABOUT TO DO".