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Hello all, I am Venkat from hyderabad.

I secured AIR 35 in GATE 2017.

I would really thank Gate Overflow Community for helping me achieve my goal. The answers to previous year questions given here are really amazing and they helped me a lot in gaining the correct concept and thinking in the right way.I did not take any coaching and just applied for test series. I came across GO in middle of my preparation and i personally felt that tests were waste if u solve the previous questions.Gate is all about concepts and one can learn it here by solving the previous year questions. The discussions by Arjun sir on decidability problems were awesome. Also i would really thank Arjun sir for keeping me motivated and inspired through his posts.

I would like to thank all the members of Gate Overflow for beautiful answers.


Note: Many are asking how did u use GO without an account? Actually when i was preparing, i didn't get the requirement to create an account and just followed it as a guest. Now i created it for writing the testimonial. There is no need of an account to see all the activity and answers.
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Congrats Venkat :) Yes, GO could be used without login for the most part. And hence it was surprising seeing many unknown people thanking us -- like Abhilash last year and Ravi the year to last. But going forward this won't be possible due to many miscreants some of them even rated 1* for GO on Facebook even without coming here once. On the better side, GO will be having more features for the logged in users..
@Arjun please ask people who attended the IISC CDS MTech interview to share their experience. I asked that question on GO but it hasn't got any answers yet. May be people will share their knowledge if you ask them.
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