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I should not have done this but because someone is making such nonsense arguments I have to convey these.

Contributing to Open Source

As everyone knows GO is using Question2Answer software which is made for free and without any restriction by a great man Gideon. So, what GO has done in return can be seen here as plugins.

Ad revenue sharing

I just checked my Adsense account and I have got about 1600\$ so far over 2 years. Also about 10\$ per month from Amazon Ads. And this includes both and And you can do the math for the expense about 30\$ per month for a server and we have 2. And for typing in previous year questions at GO I have to pay about 15\$ per 60 questions. Now anyone here can do the math and demand any share he/she deserves

Free education and charity

GO is free and unlike many free stuffs it is not made just for being free. It is made believing in quality. That is why we never provide short cuts or brainwashing students to follow bad ways just for our own benefit. What we do can clearly be seen here- I don't think it is charity and never claimed so also. But it surely does save students from sharks who even forces students who write genuine review about them to change it giving fake promises. I could have made GO ad-free but when we started GO, I was still doing my Ph.D. and even now I'm doing my Postdoc. These money are nothing for someone working in CS as you all know. This guy stooped too low by claiming the ad money is going to people paying US tax.

Idea of Q/A forum

GO idea was suggested by my friend Omesh Pandita. At that time we were answering questions on FB group and as time passes by they were getting lost. So, this was a good way to save them. As far as novelty of idea is concerned, we have started discussion forum way back in 2008 during B.Tech. and even for GATE many such things existed. Why GO is like this now is because of the execution.

Destroying GO

I was happy to close down GO and make the GO pdf available. In fact when the site had issues last year I almost did this. Then many aspirants messaged me saying they are missing GO and with the help of Pragy we restored the site. We only want to provide quality stuff freely to GATE aspirants. But since then GO has evolved a lot and is much more than just a Q/A forum as any genuine user here can see.

Copying contents

We admins add previous year questions here from GATE and other standard exams. Even when aspirants asked me to add "coaching institute" questions etc., I never did so -- not just because of copyright issue but also because of the quality issue. Still, people after giving test series add such questions here and hence I had to add a "Bad" button if ever a question is conveying wrong concept. Still, if anyone finds his/her questions here without permission they can ask for removal and those will be promptly and happily removed from the site as mentioned here.


When we were promoting genuine and world class videos for GATE CSE made by people like Shai Simonson, this guy started propaganda that they are not good for GATE and they should watch ONLY his videos. I have numerous aspirants who messaged me that they got tricked to buy his videos and now realize the stupidity. GATE stands for quality and one should learn from the best. If one goes for local stuffs, he/she can get local results. Those 27 toppers he claim - just ask how many of them paid for his course.


And if you want to know why this guy is doing this, can see this.


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Sir, don't worry what other gate teachers say, they have made gate their business, so they go to low levels too. Even I had taken His paid full portion for gate 2016, discrete was not taught properly, in fact, he only gave it on paper that too in mid Jan. So how can a student learn such an important subject just before 15-20 days.

I gave gate again this year 2017, and with just one month preparation, I started in Jan 2017, I got 407 rank. I just referred GO full 1 month, and prepared only for 1 month.

GO is Best.

Arjun sir you are one of the best mentors, I've asked you questions before exams on GO chat, FB group, I'd personally thank you.
@Arjun Sir, :) :D. GO has created benchmark and will continue doing so. Your Dream will se d light of d day. Yeah. Rome ws not built in a day. But when made everybody knows it's Rome.Okay Sir. :)
Sir ,

Is someone is so important that sayings by them would reflect our actions , may be its a trick  by them to fetch everyone attention ,or  may be they know human  psychology so they are playing with it.

I haven,t done anything till yet ,whether i would qualify gate2k18 or not ,by the best part is i got resources to learn

One is my Mentor

second is Gate Overflow

This site helped us a lot during our preparation phases.

i request you please keep the things as previous
thanks @Arjun Suresh Sir for all your efforts of GO,I'll attempt my best for 90+ mission gate cs 2018,all the best to all gate cs 2018 aspirants
@Learner Absolutely nothing has changed here. I just clarified the stuffs. Do you think some manipulator can change the working of GO? I just clarified so that new comers are not fooled.

@aik You are welcome. All the best to you too.
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