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When we were preparing for Gate this year, what resources did we have at our disposal?

Something like this :


mit ocw

Gyanpal tests

GO tests

Free mock by coachings

Mock by iits

Prev year papers

Standard books(how can I forget that)

Stand alone video

GO chats

Testimonials outlining strategies by toppers

Other tests/things that I do not remember...

Now what about the situation after taking the exam.....

Something like this :

Some spreadsheets.

Pragy's app

A handful of posts by Mr Arjun and other contributors.

My point, pre gate material is abundant.

If you want to further contribute to community, share your post gate experience after things settle this year. I am talking about everything. Your journey to interview, accommodation, interview experience, ranks, competition, M Tech life, placements, time of results, date clashes, anything you can recall.

Because that stuff is really rare. This would help others, and since its rare, might make GO at top of search results most of the time.

Thanks. Hope I didn't waste your time.
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Not complete, but this site includes many data and even links to many blogs. If toppers can give more details regarding any cutoff lists etc, they can be added here.

Right. They are not sharing much about their afterlife after gate.
They are not writing much about life at IITs for Mtech CS students.
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