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In today's news. you can read about it here

It may be welcoming change for students who are already having a job.

posted May 11, 2017 in Others by Loyal (7,403 points) | 699 views


Nice share!
Sorry. But I'm not able to interpret that news like that. My interpretation is that they are going to start a new 1 year M.Tech. program for working professionals -- Executive M.Tech. which is mostly irrelevant for GATE people. Those who have a good job now, can make use of it.
True, there are obvious apprehensions. M tech is not like an MBA. There's research orientation. Let's see how they pull it off. Doesn't look like a good idea.
I don't think executive Mtech (part-time) can be compared with full-time MTECH [email protected] IITs as placement prospects will be different for full time IIT Mtech which are compareable to Btech CS at IITs
I don't think placement's will be affected. Even in executive MBA at IIM's, the placement's are same as normal pgdm program but you need a valid CAT score. So I guess even here you would need a valid GATE score along with working experience.
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